Thursday, December 31, 2009

another year, another MJ ad!

these came out a few weeks ago, but I am such a huge fan of jergan tellers work, i had to share the new ads with jamie bochert (thanks and TFS member surrealseven) case you haven't seen them yet. i love the whimsy and the tongue in cheek humor these always seem to maintain. just like Mj's designs, i just love how these sorta laugh in the face of the fashion industry taking itself too seriously, still while being able to make me want everything being sold in the ad at the same time. damn you MJ. you're too good for your own good!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

happy holidays

hope you have a happy holiday, whatever you goodwill and do something nice for someone safe, give a being warm and have a wonderful new year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

four words...PETAL TO THE METAL!

there's the sasha....i saw it on a girl at a julian plenty concert and fell in love....the concert blew...the bag made my nite...$498

and then the pochette, this cut lil crossbody bag at an astoundingly reasonable price....$198

and then the newest aquisition....the inbetween size....resort style NATASHA = perfection!

and just a lil referance, because im pretty sure these are swallows and not doves as they are often been referred lore links:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

star light, star bright

i still dont know what i want for christmas. but i have made a vow I am going to try and update this beauty of a blog of all things Mj once a day, even if it's a lil verbal nonsense. Today, i am still pondering the price of a cartoon paisely scarf on sale. while i was thinking, i found a nice lil loophole on and got this shirt. I have always loved this shirt. I found it once at a NORDSTROMS RACK....but it was a L and too big for my lack of tits.

I shall say it once, as I am sure I have repeated it more....I adore and hate ebay all in one!

in other news, I have some MJ for sale on ebay, an elusive suer hard to find fall 2005 petrol cammie, just in case anyone is in the shop til you drop mode:

gaze up it's blue rarity, my 16 readers,.....drool all over the keyboard...

and now to try to find zhu zhu pets...
over and out

Thursday, December 3, 2009

damn, the cartoons are on sale...

not the animaniacs, no. not tiny toons either. or batman the animated series...nope.
those gosh darn cartoon paisley scarfs that i pine for....on sale right now....i could save $50 bucks off retail. or i could be good, deny my obsession and keep $100 in pocket. oh the dilemma of
hating barneys for taunting me so
your evil, lil well laid out website
pure evil

(pic courtesy iluvmybags)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

rock n' and a rollin' all nite long...

hope everyone had a nice holiday week....even if you dont celebrate the holiday like me. i sure was happy to get a day off work for once....not much, but it's a post....
dug out my moto jacket the other day as it's starting to finally feel a lil more chilly here, thanks to global warming screwing up the almost non-existant seasons of southern california...bye bye red's all black once again...

im both loving and hating the whole studs on everything trend these days. So many rock and roll posers walking around....punk has become the new mainstream it seems, and it's making me a lil more POed than i regularly am, as i walk around the mall on black friday.

I went to a fairly weak-a$$ julian plenty concert down at the el ray the other nite. I just didn't get the excitement of the people who were there jumping around waving their hands. I did however spot a MBMJ sasha messenger bag on this cool chick who was taller than the dude she was with. A fight broke out before the show with this dumb blonde lady who had more fake hair than fabio, and looked like more than half the audience could have been a child of her own. It was about as punk as the show got. I was hoping for a fight honestly...

I was desperately trying to find a way to make it to the WOLFMOTHER show at the wiltern, but because I had sent all my $$ on MJ, it was a no go. so sad. oh well....hoping december brings some new MJ thing through the door...the MBMJ boutiques have some really adorable stocking stuffers from neat scarfs for about $48 to leeather cuffs, zippered necklaces, tote bags, a collaberation with FRYE many cool things, there's practically something for everyone on your list. go to and it's under the special items link here:

what's your fav thing???

thegirl who :hearts: MJ!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

did i post these?

hrm...i think i need to be spanked for lack of posting! i have a lot of MJ goodies to show you. some i've been coveting close to my heart, hanging lovely on my arms.....and some have yet to come...

someone who is partially insane listed one on sleezey-beezey-bay recently....i cannot believe i haven't shared this! eep! *swat* i used to have this bag. but it went away because it had a scratch on the kisslock that bothered me....this one is perfection, so any damage i do, it's my own damn fault. presenting to my 14 watchers (you know who you are, sexy lil thangs....) a fall 2005 icey black baby stam:

and this is this baby in action...albeit lazy, unfashionable action:

oh wait! i used it on halloween. i was an MJ mermaid ;) there, that's some fashionable shizzle right there...

shall i let you have your cake and eat it too? oh fuck, why not....another splurge...i really shouldn't have gone after this one, but what the hoo right? another fall 2005 beauty, a black icey venetia bag. such a classy, classy mo-fo of a bag. like seriously. you want to look like the sickest, sexiest professional pro of whatever the fuck it is you do? then this is the bag for you! divine bordeaux velvet suede lining too....UGH! better than dark chocolate!

and todays look for you, was inspired by the bottled rock juice that is allison mosshart. just call me the kills....
over and out
the girl who love-a-dub-dubs MJ

Saturday, October 17, 2009

i love MJ

im excited about fall because there's all kinds of neat coats and shoes on ebay now from MJ i can oggle over. im dying for a cartoon paisley scarf....and missed the F&F sale saks had where they would have been 25% off. damn. im trying to figure out what bag to use's hot, and i'd rather internet window shop for MJ and write about a season or two than work. I have this really fun concept I want to try with his bags and his ads and some of my skills. cant say more than that, but you'll see it when i do one. it's going to be awesome!

Friday, October 16, 2009

the girl loves marc jacobs, but she's engaged to another man....LOL

yep. tis the truth. shall i start a wedding planning blog now? dear god!
so in honor of the honor....i found some icey pearl goodness. it's from 2005, my favorite season so far...and serves a nice purpose since i've been out of a wallet for too long. it's like jewelery, the color is pearl, it's got some of that gangsta' rapper 'ice' they speak's just grand!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

last week...STAM

well shoot, who would trade a ferrari for some fall 05 icey sweet loving? i would of course, only the girl that loves MJ would trade in the sweet hot italian made sports-car red for something equally enticing....and that's just what i did. i woke up some morning and saw a fall 05 icey black stam baby on *bay, yes that famous infamous online flea market of a marketplace....i had to have it. luckily, i had enough. just enough. i'd sacrifice the ferrari. i had to. unfortunately Mj hasn't called me yet to put me in the ads, and sadly being of the starving-artist employed-force of america, in order to fund my bag habits, one must sell in order to obtain. and that's what i did. ad so i did. i used to have this, almost lost it off the rail of the materhorn in diisneyland, never has my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest like it did then...i sold it a long time ago, the one i had was well loved and used, slightly abused, the soft antiqued brass hardware plating had worn off from the previous owner on the glad to have found a near mint replacement.

the fall 2005 collection still remains one of my favorite of all my memories of MJ. in my eyes, it sums up everything Mj is about, what he is and has been and what lays deep down in his core. He chose the popularized quilted bag, the diamond quilting chanel has guarded with karl lagerfeld and predecessors on a diamond encrusted dog leash chain since the classic flap bag came to be. no designer dared to tread on that design land for fear of turning to stone, or the backlash of the double-edged CC sword. and the chain itself, he dared to take and blow up in a cartoonishly devilish size....

the layers of clothes from that collection evoke a high fashioned grunge era look, ringing echos of his early days at perry ellis. The dresses feminie yet odd. ruffles and bows and girlish things were tacked on, but never quite evoked sexy, instead that strange allure that comes with the strange girl. oversized rosettes nipped in waists amongst the billowing layers of bright satins, noire-mod sheaths, and pleats amongst tuks amongst pleats that sauntered down one of the most prominant MJ show that would change the status of teh brand for years down the road due to one singular it-bag, when it-bags still existed of course, THE STAM.

named after little known model with the angel blue eyes, jessica stam, the bag hit like a sledgehammer, shaking the it-bag world off it's gold feet. It was featured first in the september vogue issue, staring karen elson, with rich jewel tones and lots of cats.

and so i picked up the lil small ditty version, and now with my new red hair, am trying to find inspiration of styling....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

harlequines from space! MJ spring 2010

i have to run to work in a bit, but the show was last nite and once again, MJ is gonna spur a slew of trends next year: flats will be the shizzle, heels are no more, skrunchies and fanny-packs are back with a vengance, but geisha style, not neon 90's!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

black & chrome

swet punk siouxie with me at the primer nationals....and a sweet sweet ride! (too bad it aint mine)

Monday, September 7, 2009

playing catch-up

what goes best with a vintage airshow??? MJ of course! took my taupe 05 stam out to this great was hot, but just absolutely swell. i love vintage stuff, rounded lines and chrome....lots of chrome....i think it's part of the reason i love MJ too. if MJ was a car, he'd be a gorgeous classic car...which brings me to hint at the next the meantime, enjoy some sunshine!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

we interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post... bring you this exciting commercial break!

yes, the girl who loves MJ is selling one of her loves on ebay. miss rachel sting, the fabulous frame bag from 2006. you wanna piece of this blog? well, do yah? well here, baby!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

trip to LA boutique!!!

im no longer a boutique virgin! LOL...
boy did i have fun yesterday. me and the BF were going down to LA to see THE DEAD WEATHER at the WILTERN (personally my favorite venue ever!). it was my b-day present from june, he got me tickets, so it was really nice to have something to look forward to. i just called yesterday my unofficial un-birthday. i had a flippin' blast!

so a 2 hour drive, with my new luver sweet punk siouxie sioux

thank god for air conditioner, because it was like 110 degrees in the valley and a good 90 in los angeles. at least it was a dry heat i, this bag is just hotness...just call me a LAMPEAHITE!!

look what's right on the corner of melrose....i just love these new ads

and then, after we managed to find parking in front of some house, un-metered....(SCORE!) I ran to the intersection on melrose to gaze at the boutique in all it's glory

gigantic lola ad....the perfume bottles are so cool. but i couldn't figure out how to open it, so i didn't get to test it.

and there was security too. i thought "damn! my only hope is to find this 'gabby' of legend...."

to be continued....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the best bag Mj has ever made...

okay, i might be biased, but shoot. do you know how long i have been after this bag?? years. literally years....

and it came the other day....and so what did i do? i wrote like the sappy bag addict that i am....

"The funny thing about rock today: it hardly's manufactured, it's something you can buy at a store devoted to replicating the rock and roll look. It's spotted on celebrities and it trickles it's way down from Kate Moss's ankles, to Barneys, to H&M and pleather and target. What happened to indiviuality? What happened to the alternative movement? What happend to the boy who got fired at Perry Ellis for sending grunge down the runway? You're punk rock if your damned, if you do, if you dont. And I cherish that thing that's a manufactured homage to the movement, to the people and to this rock star trend we have running full stride. And I thank you MARC JACOBS for bringing it mainstream, even if i hate the trendiness of it all and gag on rubber at the thought of a PVC punker jacket....

MJ: recent graduate of Parsons School of Design in NYC. he was given the golden thimble award the year I was born, 1984. Some sort of magic was in the air or just some sort of happening happened to occur the year I was born. Whatever it was, it is something I love now and look forward to with each fashionweek passing. Marc Jacobs tested the limits and prudence of the fashion world early on, taking sportswear and turning it underground mainstream, tapping into the vast untapped world that today floods out on myspace blogs, NYLON magazine and quirky no-named it-girl streetstyle around the globe. What is currently capitalized on was a F-U to the world of high fashion, class and money back when MJ made headway up the flights of stairs in the wide world of fashion. MARC JACOBS is decades beyond the times, and decades past in the past. he is never current and that is why his design is eternal.

Every time I sit down to write about this man and his designs I always start in one place with a conscise direction, and somehow when I'm done, it's never where it intended to be, and I somehow have an even deeper appreciation for the design house I openly praise. This time I was going to write a paralelism on how the brand marc jacobs and the whole punk movement share so many things, all in celebration of scoring a holy grail bag I have been chasing like a wild fox chases a white rabbit. And once again, I am diverted into another realm of relization of how extensive and smart this brand truely is. Or at least appears to those that love it.

I devoted a blog to it, i've owned it, sat on it, carryed it, drawn it, nearly everything but ingested it, although it's essence bleeds through me from the items to the soul and back again in a converstaion I have with these aspects of design I cherish in my closet. I went on a trip to italy, and my roomates prized ppossession was a MBMJ coat. I didn't understand it at the time, or the nakedness and insecurities she spoke of when mentioning how much she loved the brand, while otherwise retaining an air of snooty fashion-student demenure around everyone else. No. I did not know of it at the time....only that it was a lot of $$ and a name.

But when I got back, I learned and researched and fell in love with a Karen Elson Vogue Editorial shoot, a single picture of a redhead with a cat in the bag.....I was smitten, and stupid me, thought it was chanel at the time. A kisslock, and an order of fate later, I had in my hands the golden wrapped holy grail called the stam bag in my hands. I was terrified to use it, the thought of it made me feel like a child holding bone china or her mothers porcelain blue bird music box that I broke when I was 10. It was huge and heavy and all mine....and she's still mine, that precious stam. I've gone through the years after that, picking up bags here and bags there and swapping them out like marbles or trading cards with other fellow bag lovers and fetishitas....always having a few bags in mind that were always a bit out of reach.

The Sweet Punk bags from 2006 were one of them. Ever since I saw stock photo's of these, I was smitten, love-bitten....I wanted one so very badly. I'd been sniped out, outbid, everything you can imagine in pursuit of one of these bags...and by some terrible luck, just last week....the ultimate attainability in MJ was given to me....

In all the irony of materializing PUNK ROCK and bringing it mainstream in these bags, MJ has done another one of those magic tricks of his and pulled it off. It's taken years for the mainstream fashion world to catch on, and now there's pyramid studs, cigarette pants and black rock, punk galore down the runways. I like to think of MJ as the innovator of a lot of this recent movement....and for his sake, it was done out of the love of the music and the people who made it: paying homage to them in the best way he knew how, handbags.

Monday, August 24, 2009

something wicked this way comes....

think 1980's....
eyeliner, arabian nights....
siouxie...yes siouxie...
punk, goth, those studs.....
sweet sweet punk...
the holiest of holy grails, and one of the bags i have been stalking is on it's way...
to the girl who loves MJ!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

imitation is the sincerest form....but prada??!

i know MJ loves to borrow the old and interpret it on his own. heck, he's even blatantly ripped off now and again....from vintage finds. heck he even had a lawsuit over a scarf design not too long ago... but now prada seems to be moving in on his iconic pushlock. seems like a low blow, cause this prada looks like a cheap-arse juicy bag to me....what do you all think?? flattery or flat out house-design snaffoo?

i generally like a lot of prada, find her stuff modern and innovative and artsy...but this makes me wanna open a can of whoop-a$$. the pushlock is really just PUSHING it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

MJ lately...MJ daily....

so i've been really scrutinizing MJ purchases lately, partially because since i moved i have less $$ to spend, and so when i do, it's got to be REALLY well thought out. A friend of mine got me a giftcard for my b-day and I found some really cute MBMJ sunglasses at NM last call. model # 069. they were $90 at the last call, and so i came home and fleabayed them...low and behold, a mere $37.

Amazon, the place i got the GC to, $ i sat it out. i was actually surprised Amazons prices are so much higher than *bay. I was looking for an american girl doll for my nieces bday and it was like almost double retail. WTF!

anyways, by some way of shopping luck, the sunglasses suddenly got discounted on, down to $47....just under $50 and good enough. So I bought them. and I really like tehm. I have a pair of aviators (mock raybans aviators done by REACTION by Kenneth Cole) that cost me a whopping $9.99 at ROSS....i figure if im not gonna try to pull off the angelina jolie/megan fox look very often, no use in buying the raybans...maybe one day down the road...who knows...

I did pay mucho $$ for the wayfarer II's i have....and i have worn tose puppies into the dust. SO i got the 'hipster/beatnick/bob dylan brooding' glasses, the fun '50's art girl/i could work at MJ or an art gallery' studded ones, and then the rarely used 'i feel like a sexy adventurer-dont f**k with me' aviators.

And then there's the tale of the watch. I have been in love with the MJ snakeskin molly watch since I first laid eyes on it.

it's sleek, yet chunky. sexy but punky. LOVE. pure fricken love. but the prices, however discounted on *bay were always out of my budget. The lowest I had ever seen it was like around $180....but another score, I found on *bay....$29. flat. bam.i think it retailed for $ what is that, 90% off? that's some serious recession/depression deal. i put a snipe in and somehow fate reared it's semiautomatic arsenal and shot down anyone who dared bid against me. so I got that sweet sweet bling. the pyramid studs tell me what time it is. how effing punk rock is that!?!?! GAH!

next up...the small leather goodies...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

electric violet problems

mn, i hate to have to write this, but sadly i do. it's come to my attention through various forum posts that aapreantly the indigo color and electric violet color done in the hillier hobo's from MJ have some 'wear' issues...

i dunno if these issues have to do with the adhesion between the color dye and the leather, or if it is a cheaper method of coloring leather or if the whole economic thing has caused my favorite brand to cut a few corners here and there...but sadly my hillier has shown signs of wear (as well as several of my MJ obsessed friends online) and so im parting ways with her.

im really saddened by this because electric violet is the worlds most perfect shade of violet...

oh how i wish i could just view the world in rose colored goggles...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

got stung by rachel

RACHEL sting bag
circa spring 2006
reminiscent of a vintage frame bag, but HUGEMONGOUS
i loove it. vanilla leather lining. it rocks
here she is...cant think of much of anything to type.

i tried finding out who the bag was named after, and i think perhaps it's RACHEL FEINSTEIN who is an artist, and was in some MJ ads a while back.

there's a really nice INTERVIEW magazine interview with her i found.

MJ...can i be your muse?? come on, i can draw you anything! and i'll model for trade....just deck me out in your sweet stuff, and i wont ask for a dime. promise. hahah