Thursday, February 26, 2009

letting it sink in: MJ is my postmodern masterpiece

So I figured I'd let MJ F/W 09 sink in a bit. And also I've been so swamped with comic work, my dear lil MJ love spot has been neglected in favor of long hours at a drawing table and late nites in art solitude and evilbay buying.

While I most likely wont be purchasing anything from fall 2009, there's plenty of inspiration to play around with: I am really into the A-LINE coats, but more-so than anything in the collection is the individuality of the models he put down the runway.

In this time of economic anorexia, where folks are cutting back and counting their financial calories and cutting down the saturated fats of their closets, it's the individuality that really stood out for me beyond the thousand dollar bags and wool coats. And boy has he made so many clever subliminal remarks on people, economy and what fashion is truely about for fall 09.

Sure, I am totally digging on a neon coat. Neon looks bitchin' with black, my other favorite flavor. Out of the coats for fall 09....the kelly green on is one of my favorites, and what things I wouldn't do to get my paws on one of his new bags. (They're literal visual pleasure for a texture freak like myself.) Not for the sake of 'trends' or 'it' bags, but because MJ has re-introduced the art form to the handbag in 2009. And I think it's a very smart thing he's done. Because what do you do when dollars aren't worth what they used to be? You invest in gold, invest in art, invest. Period. And that's exactly what he's doing with his bags. And with the rest of the show??? It's a commentary on how the individual style stands out over the size of your bank account. It's the core of fashion. It's what inspires designers. And it's MJ fall 09 all over the place. You, MJ, are a smart smart man. It's why I love you.

Marc Jacobs mentioned the collection was based off the scene at the clubs from the 80's in NYC, where gals showed up and tried to look as unique as possible. With that concept, the label-whoring of todays youth wasn't as important as individual style. Once again, Marc Jacobs creates a very interesting dynamic and somewhat hypocritical stance, playing devils advocate of course, to spark a conversation based on the current state of things, and what's truly important to fashion and style. It's not owning the latest bag of the season, nor dressing on point to trend. No...MJ has never been about that. He's the one designer that actually creates a dialogue with the viewer and fashion buyer; Be it love or be it hate: there's talk none-the-less. Chatter. Noise.

And this is one of the many reasons I love MJ and his clothes and what they stand for. They are not just an escape, a costume, a label, like so many other brands. No, you ask about MJ and why the article of clothing is the way it is? And I could give you a full on commentary on why, and how is speaks loads on intellectual concepts. Then that MJ item, is not just an item, but a piece of modern day art: It's post-modern. It exists, yet is so much more with the dialogue that is sparks.

MJ is once again laughing in the face of the fashionista as she sits on her pedestal with her line of CC black cards and unlimited funds for her fall wardrobe. The one who doesn't even flinch at the present state of the world economy. He's laughing as she charges the latest bag, with matching accessories, laughing as she orders the same coat in 4 different colors, laughing laughing laughing as he kicks back in his mod flat with his dr. marten boots and spongebob glasses. Because you can own the whole collection, but you cannot buy individuality. It's priceless, baby. And that's what his collection said. That's what each models look reflected. You can imitate, but you cannot buy individuality. It's recession-proof. It's classic. It is a life-long investment. And it's free.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Come on, come on drama
Come on draw, scratch and say it
Say it, make it to the blind light
Climb and drop an apple
Off the top, it's not
I don't want to eat it
Need it, know it
Force and feed it
Leave it, be it
Just keep it
In its box

What? - Easy
Used to be what? - Love
Used to be what? - Drugs
Used to be what? - TV
Used to be what? - Music
Used to be what? - Luck
Used to be what? - Art
Used to be what you used to be

Come on drama, come on girl
You swing your mile long
Love song surely tells the future

In the water, shot of ecstasy
Secrets in the open bottle
Feed it, don't believe it
Just leave it
In its box

What? - Easy
Used to be what? - Fun
Used to be what? - Dreaming
Used to be what? - Fame
Used to be what? - City
Used to be what? - Fast
Used to be what? - Low
Used to be what? - New York
Used to be what? - New York
Used to be what? - New York
Used to be what? - New York
Used to be what New York used to be

it's twiggy meets souxie souix! Deborah harry hanging out at the club. Cat eyed makeup, flock of seagull hair, it's the happy-house video and neon brights. HAIRSPRAY baby, lots of it. It's shoulder pads, a-lines and BOLDNESS. it's as marc jacobs decribed it "what new york used to be"....

you better know how to POGO

Sunday, February 15, 2009

burst the bubble!

so i found this on some random site, taken by 'piers fawkes' and from Greenwich Avenue and Seventh Avenue in New York. It's another great ad from MJ. i just adore it. reminds me of the paste-ups in that hipster mag NYLON, which i also adore.

so over the weekend was V-day. hope y'all had a good one. i know i did. cosmo's, a sweet BF, and all the hearts and love in the air just made everything warm and fuzzy. seems like hearts are really something else in 2009. I think we all need a bit more love in our lives with the way things are these days...and while I'd like to plop down some plastic for one of these gorgeous lil heart diddies...YOU CAN'T BUY ME LOVE! (unless i was single and sad and then Mj could be my temporary, very expensive fix)

and since i threw a lil' beatles reference in there, i have to share these awesome shirts by MJ i found on fleabay. I bid, but damn the fact i have to be employed to fund my habits, as i got outbid on that aweful tempting garage sale of a website. But i do have pictures, and they're free, and shall continue to entertain the hell out of me.

and tomorrow is MJ's fall 09 show. I absolutely am GAGA over what he's done for 2009 in bags. I have never before seen the level of pure genius and of the art of design presented in the form of a WEARABLE bag before. They are simply gorgeous and I am going to be nervously flicking the pushlocks of my bag in anticipation...less than 24 hours to go!

In good news and bad news:

the good news is i found a pair of those elusive and very rocker glam leopard print chords from the MBMJ runway show from pre-2004 on evilbay the other day, and i won them! for $20 no doubt! just call me the deal queen. So when i get them, i'll try to rock them out like VV...MJ ad in the works here! (and yes MJ, i DO think allison mosshart should be in your ads damn it! she wears enough of your stuff!)

"Did you get the real good ones
Did you get the good ones
Did you get the real good ones
Did you get the good ones
Did you got me the good ones?"
yes i did, they're freakin' MJ!

now all i need is this fucking shirt which sadly i missed out on about a year ago...ironic shirts rock. not only because rockers wear them, either. and her boots are officially D*or homme....but MBMJ ones are in homage to them and definitely on my 'gotta get it' list.

the bad news:
seems there's no mail tomorrow in celebration of dead PRESIDENTS. SO my lil yellow jaune beauty wont show up til sometime tuesday. No better way to brighten up a rainy day (since we're supposed to get a hellish rain storm) than some cheery MJ sunshine.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

saffron... my love

This is my ode to saffron...goodness, it's about damn time a designer showcased such a unique color in such a way. Thank you MJ from deep down in my heart: I really am a color phobe for the most part, but I do have a favorite color and boy did you hit the nail on the head for spring 09.

You dabbled in it from the beginning...

teased me with it in 2007

now say it with me: SAFFRONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! *eeK*!

Now after thinking long and hard about the MJ 09 collection, I'm finding a lot of references to 'old world' themes, and I don't just mean his regular nods to vintage no-namer designs and such. I did a lil' research this morning on pomegranates, featured in his new ads...and boy, do they have some history, besides being a great drink mixer and being one of my favorite fruits to eat.

Turns out they have biblical references, are part of the middle east history as well as numerous Greek tales, odes to fertility and royalty alike. It makes me appreciate them in a whole new light now. I need to go buy some POM-wonderful me thinks.

But back to saffron: that godly, gorgeous gold color. oh yum! and it turns out, our dear lil' saturated yellow has some fun facts as well. Not only has MJ done a series of beautiful quilted bags in this color....
*ahem* the kristina:

the famous wallet to end all wallets a.k.a. the zip clutch:

and many others:

I am seriously in color heaven, but this lil color has a very interesting history too, leading up to MJ manipulating it in ways that make me weak in the knees and wiping drool from my clove-oil tainted lips.

Saffron was once the most expensive spice: my mom always tells me I have expensive taste. It originated from the male parts of the crocus flower, those pretty lil things that pop up through the snow. They are late bloomers, and only bloom for a few weeks. Apparently they don't breed themselves and rely on humans. And it takes 150 crocus flowers to obtain 1 gram of dry saffron...a pound of flowers for 2 grams. thank you wiki! (and I always thought purple looked nice against too)

It was used in the bronze age to treat illnesses, used in ancient reece and Crete to decorate their fresco's. Used in perfumes, medicines and frivolous things: I wonder if there was a man named MARC back then...*ahem MARC ANTHONY. Apparently Cleopatra bathed in saffron was used as a treatment for melancholy and the infinite sadness. (I bet Posh Spice is Cleopatra reincarnated...)

It's just what we need in this economic climate: luxury goods in a color that has been used to make people happy for thousands of years. Now if only I could get a prescription for an MJ 'kristina' in saffron for what ails me, although I doubt health insurance would understand the benefits of retail therapy for woman. Come on, $850 for a bag VS $1000's more for Prozac or Vicodin? I think I'm on to something here...

But then again, we come to India and the east. I guess that would be hypocritical to the facts that the color saffron is used in the garments of Buddhist monks for centuries too. Maybe they're more on top of the world of fashion than we realize, despite the texts of resisting material items in life...I do think I can live with some MARC JACOBS karma. You must now go hit play on Kashmir by Led Zeppelin...

There was a war over saffron, and of course I'm sure ladies will be duking it out at the boutiques if these bags just happen to go on sale...Saffron is an antioxidant, so not only will you look stunning wearing this bag, it has health benefits too. Better than a multivitamin or that glass of vino. It's an international item of trade and so it's a damn good thing MARC JACOBS and ROBERT DUFFY got smart and has boutiques to satisfy all this worldly desire. And in comparison to the $500-5,000 a pound saffron costs on the global market, I'd have to say that a pound or two MJ bag in this color is an absolute steal, considering...

Perhaps that's the logic I'll use to convince one about some saffron MARC JACOBS: I'm not charging it, I'm cultivating it.

But in the meantime, since I'm on the road to paying off the bills, I'm going to have to dream of saffron like the luxury good it is. And find ways of picking up the lower grade safflower vintage MARC JACOBS bags on EVILBAY, while prices are good due to the deflated economy. Like my new bag??

Monday, February 9, 2009


me and my MJ capra went to the post office. i mailed a pair of boots and an MJ themed valentines day gift. i drove down to the point in my 75' chevy nova, with tiger dice and took this picture. it's windy as fuck today and was pouring this morning, but it sure makes a nice pic and a nicer drive...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

the things MJ makes you want to do...

like running through the streets neked, wearing only his fabulous bags, arms in the air, huge grin on the only if this wasn't against the law....but maybe MJ would design jail suits...

Friday, February 6, 2009

2009 fruits of thy labor....

Love these new ads. I've been waiting and waiting for the day to come when they'll release all the MJ and MBMJ ads shot by the lovely JERGAN TELLER, so I can stop tearing them out of magazines and actually have a real book.

I love the Polaroid quality TELLER gets with his photographic work. And I've seen people (myself included) try to rip off his style, which is deemed by some as something boring and easy to do. I find it's quite the opposite. He really gets something interesting in his compositional elements, coloring and exposure, that even those who try to replicate never seem to achieve.

Plus there's the meaning behind them.

Other fashion photographers and ads try to convey desire, the need to feel fabulous, or the idealized super fashion-y figures selling whatever product it is they sell. Michael Kors has different models season after seaon, stepping on or off airplanes/boats/means of transportation they dont drive, with their legs oiled up and their hair frolicking in the enormous windtunnel/stage. I find them ever so boring....but he does stay consistent, I'll say that much.

Dolce and Gabanna love sexy stuff. Prada interests me, although I dont always like it. But so many of these brands have such a slick, fricken' clean aesthetic to them that it bores me. They're not gritty enough. They look staged. They are very DIOR 1950's prim....

MARC JACOBS is the one brand that makes me think about what the photographer is trying to get at, seems to be more organic, has the thousand dollar outfits, but not the thousand dollar snobbery. They take themselves seriously, and yet throw it all to hell in a hatbox all in one. They laugh about it, they have character, and while the lovers and haters of MARC JACOBS seem to be about equal levels, the lovers sure look a hell of a lot better and more unique than those haters in carbon copy on-trend ensembles.

SO now the pressure is on

Yes, i've officially gotten word, just hours after the lauch of this blog that i know have pressure from the east coast swank state of NY that I better update frequently. code name TADPOLENYC

And here I thought I could follow in MJ's footsteps and start my blog hours late, like his fashion shows of years past...alas! Seems like it's going to be more like spring 2009 up in here.

Speaking of spring 2009, I am jonesing to get some sweet 'my fair lady' hat alah miss audrey hepburn and pile on the plaid and stripes. While I most likely wont be able to indulge myself in all the clothes from the 2009 marc jacobs runway, I can scoop up things reminiscent of the show and try my hand and quirky styling.

I have some japanese obi's, I just felted my very first hat, and boy do i hoard plaid fabric like a grunge packrat! wait and see what i come up with! I'll just imagine it'll look this fab:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

so the girl loves MJ... a marc jacobs lover...a marc jacobs fanatic...a geeky girl who loves the designer of our generation. and this is a blog. mesh the two and you have a girl that loves MJ!