Friday, February 6, 2009

2009 fruits of thy labor....

Love these new ads. I've been waiting and waiting for the day to come when they'll release all the MJ and MBMJ ads shot by the lovely JERGAN TELLER, so I can stop tearing them out of magazines and actually have a real book.

I love the Polaroid quality TELLER gets with his photographic work. And I've seen people (myself included) try to rip off his style, which is deemed by some as something boring and easy to do. I find it's quite the opposite. He really gets something interesting in his compositional elements, coloring and exposure, that even those who try to replicate never seem to achieve.

Plus there's the meaning behind them.

Other fashion photographers and ads try to convey desire, the need to feel fabulous, or the idealized super fashion-y figures selling whatever product it is they sell. Michael Kors has different models season after seaon, stepping on or off airplanes/boats/means of transportation they dont drive, with their legs oiled up and their hair frolicking in the enormous windtunnel/stage. I find them ever so boring....but he does stay consistent, I'll say that much.

Dolce and Gabanna love sexy stuff. Prada interests me, although I dont always like it. But so many of these brands have such a slick, fricken' clean aesthetic to them that it bores me. They're not gritty enough. They look staged. They are very DIOR 1950's prim....

MARC JACOBS is the one brand that makes me think about what the photographer is trying to get at, seems to be more organic, has the thousand dollar outfits, but not the thousand dollar snobbery. They take themselves seriously, and yet throw it all to hell in a hatbox all in one. They laugh about it, they have character, and while the lovers and haters of MARC JACOBS seem to be about equal levels, the lovers sure look a hell of a lot better and more unique than those haters in carbon copy on-trend ensembles.

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  1. so true, so true it hurts. this is my favorite post so far.