Sunday, February 15, 2009

burst the bubble!

so i found this on some random site, taken by 'piers fawkes' and from Greenwich Avenue and Seventh Avenue in New York. It's another great ad from MJ. i just adore it. reminds me of the paste-ups in that hipster mag NYLON, which i also adore.

so over the weekend was V-day. hope y'all had a good one. i know i did. cosmo's, a sweet BF, and all the hearts and love in the air just made everything warm and fuzzy. seems like hearts are really something else in 2009. I think we all need a bit more love in our lives with the way things are these days...and while I'd like to plop down some plastic for one of these gorgeous lil heart diddies...YOU CAN'T BUY ME LOVE! (unless i was single and sad and then Mj could be my temporary, very expensive fix)

and since i threw a lil' beatles reference in there, i have to share these awesome shirts by MJ i found on fleabay. I bid, but damn the fact i have to be employed to fund my habits, as i got outbid on that aweful tempting garage sale of a website. But i do have pictures, and they're free, and shall continue to entertain the hell out of me.

and tomorrow is MJ's fall 09 show. I absolutely am GAGA over what he's done for 2009 in bags. I have never before seen the level of pure genius and of the art of design presented in the form of a WEARABLE bag before. They are simply gorgeous and I am going to be nervously flicking the pushlocks of my bag in anticipation...less than 24 hours to go!

In good news and bad news:

the good news is i found a pair of those elusive and very rocker glam leopard print chords from the MBMJ runway show from pre-2004 on evilbay the other day, and i won them! for $20 no doubt! just call me the deal queen. So when i get them, i'll try to rock them out like VV...MJ ad in the works here! (and yes MJ, i DO think allison mosshart should be in your ads damn it! she wears enough of your stuff!)

"Did you get the real good ones
Did you get the good ones
Did you get the real good ones
Did you get the good ones
Did you got me the good ones?"
yes i did, they're freakin' MJ!

now all i need is this fucking shirt which sadly i missed out on about a year ago...ironic shirts rock. not only because rockers wear them, either. and her boots are officially D*or homme....but MBMJ ones are in homage to them and definitely on my 'gotta get it' list.

the bad news:
seems there's no mail tomorrow in celebration of dead PRESIDENTS. SO my lil yellow jaune beauty wont show up til sometime tuesday. No better way to brighten up a rainy day (since we're supposed to get a hellish rain storm) than some cheery MJ sunshine.

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  1. If I can think of anyone who can rock those leopard chords, it'll be you J. Pictures pictures please, once you get them? :)