Thursday, February 26, 2009

letting it sink in: MJ is my postmodern masterpiece

So I figured I'd let MJ F/W 09 sink in a bit. And also I've been so swamped with comic work, my dear lil MJ love spot has been neglected in favor of long hours at a drawing table and late nites in art solitude and evilbay buying.

While I most likely wont be purchasing anything from fall 2009, there's plenty of inspiration to play around with: I am really into the A-LINE coats, but more-so than anything in the collection is the individuality of the models he put down the runway.

In this time of economic anorexia, where folks are cutting back and counting their financial calories and cutting down the saturated fats of their closets, it's the individuality that really stood out for me beyond the thousand dollar bags and wool coats. And boy has he made so many clever subliminal remarks on people, economy and what fashion is truely about for fall 09.

Sure, I am totally digging on a neon coat. Neon looks bitchin' with black, my other favorite flavor. Out of the coats for fall 09....the kelly green on is one of my favorites, and what things I wouldn't do to get my paws on one of his new bags. (They're literal visual pleasure for a texture freak like myself.) Not for the sake of 'trends' or 'it' bags, but because MJ has re-introduced the art form to the handbag in 2009. And I think it's a very smart thing he's done. Because what do you do when dollars aren't worth what they used to be? You invest in gold, invest in art, invest. Period. And that's exactly what he's doing with his bags. And with the rest of the show??? It's a commentary on how the individual style stands out over the size of your bank account. It's the core of fashion. It's what inspires designers. And it's MJ fall 09 all over the place. You, MJ, are a smart smart man. It's why I love you.

Marc Jacobs mentioned the collection was based off the scene at the clubs from the 80's in NYC, where gals showed up and tried to look as unique as possible. With that concept, the label-whoring of todays youth wasn't as important as individual style. Once again, Marc Jacobs creates a very interesting dynamic and somewhat hypocritical stance, playing devils advocate of course, to spark a conversation based on the current state of things, and what's truly important to fashion and style. It's not owning the latest bag of the season, nor dressing on point to trend. No...MJ has never been about that. He's the one designer that actually creates a dialogue with the viewer and fashion buyer; Be it love or be it hate: there's talk none-the-less. Chatter. Noise.

And this is one of the many reasons I love MJ and his clothes and what they stand for. They are not just an escape, a costume, a label, like so many other brands. No, you ask about MJ and why the article of clothing is the way it is? And I could give you a full on commentary on why, and how is speaks loads on intellectual concepts. Then that MJ item, is not just an item, but a piece of modern day art: It's post-modern. It exists, yet is so much more with the dialogue that is sparks.

MJ is once again laughing in the face of the fashionista as she sits on her pedestal with her line of CC black cards and unlimited funds for her fall wardrobe. The one who doesn't even flinch at the present state of the world economy. He's laughing as she charges the latest bag, with matching accessories, laughing as she orders the same coat in 4 different colors, laughing laughing laughing as he kicks back in his mod flat with his dr. marten boots and spongebob glasses. Because you can own the whole collection, but you cannot buy individuality. It's priceless, baby. And that's what his collection said. That's what each models look reflected. You can imitate, but you cannot buy individuality. It's recession-proof. It's classic. It is a life-long investment. And it's free.

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