Tuesday, February 10, 2009

saffron... my love

This is my ode to saffron...goodness, it's about damn time a designer showcased such a unique color in such a way. Thank you MJ from deep down in my heart: I really am a color phobe for the most part, but I do have a favorite color and boy did you hit the nail on the head for spring 09.

You dabbled in it from the beginning...

teased me with it in 2007

now say it with me: SAFFRONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! *eeK*!

Now after thinking long and hard about the MJ 09 collection, I'm finding a lot of references to 'old world' themes, and I don't just mean his regular nods to vintage no-namer designs and such. I did a lil' research this morning on pomegranates, featured in his new ads...and boy, do they have some history, besides being a great drink mixer and being one of my favorite fruits to eat.

Turns out they have biblical references, are part of the middle east history as well as numerous Greek tales, odes to fertility and royalty alike. It makes me appreciate them in a whole new light now. I need to go buy some POM-wonderful me thinks.

But back to saffron: that godly, gorgeous gold color. oh yum! and it turns out, our dear lil' saturated yellow has some fun facts as well. Not only has MJ done a series of beautiful quilted bags in this color....
*ahem* the kristina:

the famous wallet to end all wallets a.k.a. the zip clutch:

and many others:

I am seriously in color heaven, but this lil color has a very interesting history too, leading up to MJ manipulating it in ways that make me weak in the knees and wiping drool from my clove-oil tainted lips.

Saffron was once the most expensive spice: my mom always tells me I have expensive taste. It originated from the male parts of the crocus flower, those pretty lil things that pop up through the snow. They are late bloomers, and only bloom for a few weeks. Apparently they don't breed themselves and rely on humans. And it takes 150 crocus flowers to obtain 1 gram of dry saffron...a pound of flowers for 2 grams. thank you wiki! (and I always thought purple looked nice against yellow...blue too)

It was used in the bronze age to treat illnesses, used in ancient reece and Crete to decorate their fresco's. Used in perfumes, medicines and frivolous things: I wonder if there was a man named MARC back then...*ahem MARC ANTHONY. Apparently Cleopatra bathed in saffron baths....it was used as a treatment for melancholy and the infinite sadness. (I bet Posh Spice is Cleopatra reincarnated...)

It's just what we need in this economic climate: luxury goods in a color that has been used to make people happy for thousands of years. Now if only I could get a prescription for an MJ 'kristina' in saffron for what ails me, although I doubt health insurance would understand the benefits of retail therapy for woman. Come on, $850 for a bag VS $1000's more for Prozac or Vicodin? I think I'm on to something here...

But then again, we come to India and the east. I guess that would be hypocritical to the facts that the color saffron is used in the garments of Buddhist monks for centuries too. Maybe they're more on top of the world of fashion than we realize, despite the texts of resisting material items in life...I do think I can live with some MARC JACOBS karma. You must now go hit play on Kashmir by Led Zeppelin...

There was a war over saffron, and of course I'm sure ladies will be duking it out at the boutiques if these bags just happen to go on sale...Saffron is an antioxidant, so not only will you look stunning wearing this bag, it has health benefits too. Better than a multivitamin or that glass of vino. It's an international item of trade and so it's a damn good thing MARC JACOBS and ROBERT DUFFY got smart and has boutiques to satisfy all this worldly desire. And in comparison to the $500-5,000 a pound saffron costs on the global market, I'd have to say that a pound or two MJ bag in this color is an absolute steal, considering...

Perhaps that's the logic I'll use to convince one about some saffron MARC JACOBS: I'm not charging it, I'm cultivating it.

But in the meantime, since I'm on the road to paying off the bills, I'm going to have to dream of saffron like the luxury good it is. And find ways of picking up the lower grade safflower vintage MARC JACOBS bags on EVILBAY, while prices are good due to the deflated economy. Like my new bag??

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