Friday, February 6, 2009

SO now the pressure is on

Yes, i've officially gotten word, just hours after the lauch of this blog that i know have pressure from the east coast swank state of NY that I better update frequently. code name TADPOLENYC

And here I thought I could follow in MJ's footsteps and start my blog hours late, like his fashion shows of years past...alas! Seems like it's going to be more like spring 2009 up in here.

Speaking of spring 2009, I am jonesing to get some sweet 'my fair lady' hat alah miss audrey hepburn and pile on the plaid and stripes. While I most likely wont be able to indulge myself in all the clothes from the 2009 marc jacobs runway, I can scoop up things reminiscent of the show and try my hand and quirky styling.

I have some japanese obi's, I just felted my very first hat, and boy do i hoard plaid fabric like a grunge packrat! wait and see what i come up with! I'll just imagine it'll look this fab:

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  1. haha! and i'm still reading! checking up on you.