Sunday, March 29, 2009

when you want to go dumpster diving...

Okay, so Megan Fox is a pretty damn pretty gal. She's been seen toting around a MARC JACOBS zip clutch lately and it's really making me want to save up and snag one.

Actually, I had one once before. A 2005 icey taupe leather beauty. Quilted and everything. I sold it to pay for a chevy nova, and to keep me from filling it's CC slots with plastic temptation. SO i have a sexy car, and a void of a wallet.

I have a cute little keypouch that's working pretty good so far I say....which means I'm contemplating something....

So yeah, it's been a full week and a day since my last post. I'm thinking of re-aranging a lil MJ here and there in my collection. In the meantime, doing pie charts and neglecting my lovely lil blog; poor lil blog. and it seems i've developed a lil group of followers too. thank you anonymous watchers. I love that you love me loving MJ.

So Megan Fox is hot. If she's smart, she'll stay single forever and forever be Miss Fox. Her ZC is pure hotness, though. But she does have a lil bit of trashiness to her outfits....but damn, if i had to go dumpster diving to get a petrol ZC, i'd much rather try that than shell out a few benjamins...

Friday, March 20, 2009

a lil DIY Marc Jacobs love

i dabble a bit in making bags. and since i am on a bag buying ban til goodness knows when, i decided to make one.

sweet punks are so hard to find.
they are from my favorite line.
so i took apart a thrift store skirt
and made this in next to no time.
(and you too MJ. in homage!! <3 )

Thursday, March 19, 2009

what katie did....

kate lamphear apparently might be stepping up as head of ELLE in nina garcia's old seat. she has been spotted season after season (well, since resort 2006 that is) rocking her MARC JACOBS sweet punk bag. she doesn't have a million bags, uses one or two throughout the season and DAMN that is commendable! I just had to celebrate someone who is so original, punk rock, and who loves her MJ in a possible throne of power. i may just get a subscription if there's any truth to this...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

take that!

in response to the MJ haters lately saying MJ is unoriginal and a blatant knock-off of chanel:

I'm sorry but i needed to come on here and stand up for one of the few designers who's an innovator in the industry and has as much hate as he does love for the risks he takes each and every season...

merve~ only recently were luxury design houses able to trademark and patent their designs because of the ongoing fake market that bubbled up from the luxury fashion trends of the late 90's and early 00's.

Before Chanel, you know what you had? you had an array of small bags carried by flappers and Victorian women with...yes...I'm saying it...CHAINS! chains in the history of handbags have been around since the 1800's even before that!. Chanel did not invent the wheel, or in this case, the chain; nor did she invent the square or the quilting. From a design aesthetic, she improved on already existing designs, and just happened to gain notoriety for it.

Marc Jacobs went to fashion school. He's well aware of the design aesthetics of Chanel, of Hermes, of probably every major fashion company. He's a fan of course, because he loves fashion. And what do you do when you love something, generally you emmulate it. Artists emmulate those artists they are inspired by. A blatant copy requires a lot of understanding of design, structure and construction. Even though it's tacky, you need to have the passon behind it. MJ takes that concept of 'immitation is the sincerest form of flattery' to a new level.

He reinvented the concept of leather on these bags. NO companies have done these techniques on these bags with interwoven python and leather. NO ONE. It's an amazing flex of his artistic and design muscles. I foresee many companies taking this woven concept to a new level after seeing what MJ can do with it. If anything at all, it's closer to Bottega Venetta.

I absolutely agree too that MJ is taking these risks with both MJ and not raising prices: he's doing it because he wants to reinvent himself season after season and has a loyal following of perhaps non-conformist fashionista's who DO NOT BUY FOR THE LABEL but instead for the innovation, the conversation piece, for the punk aesthetic of being different from the norm, while the norm's cry out "he's stealing our lil quilted box! damn him!"

Fashion is meant to be controversial, it's meant to show it's inspiration, but also be different enough that you can not only see the designers inspirations but also he commentary of his design appeal in response to all these established companies. So few designers do that these days. It's more important to replicate what sells instead of experiment. Chanel has such a strong following because it's predictable. It's like Andy Warhol images. Repetitive. And i love Andy Warhol.

MJ is like a punk zine: taking found images from all sorts of random places he picked up in his travels, his life and experiences; then collaged into something and reprinted for the masses. It is a view of the world uniquely his own, paying homage to the vintage nameless designers before him, before the importance of a house logo. In that way he is very humble in his design aesthetics, he has a house name, but is also one of the most open designers as to what inspires him. He's someone people can relate to, yes he has flaws and has gone to rehab, but all these experiences make his life rich and layered, and his designs reflect that.

I'd rather had a richly layered textured bag that makes me think about why i like it, rather than a stagnant quilted box that's telling me to love it because it's friggin' Chanel.

Monday, March 2, 2009

a lil' birdy came today... cheer up my rainy day
i've searched so long
and missed you twice
but third times a charm
like a roll of dice.

lil' grey birdie
from marc jacobs fall oh-eight
it's kinda like a chanel
but cuter and well, great!

it's got a sweet lil' shoulder strap
perfect for concerts
two zippered compartments
as just one of the perks
it's quilted and soft
and quilted with loft
oh how i love thee
little grey birdie

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Holy sweet punk, batman!

gonna give catwoman a run for her money....after literally years of stalking my dear beloved fields of bags on ebay and other sources....i have stumbled upon a super RARE boutique exclusive bag from the 'harder to find than an unaltered face in hollywood' line of bags MJ put out in limited release a few years back.

Let me just celebrate the thing that is SWEET PUNK!

A wonderful line of bags, made in limited quantitys, out of hand painted metal punk studs, kangaroo leather and heavy duty canvas. Owned by such celebs as selma blaire, cameron diaz, spiderman's wifey (who's not MJ: mary jane watson. HA!) and the fabulous hilary duff.

Nearly impossible to find in the resale market. So rare that mosh pits form at the sight of one. SWEET EFFING PUNK BAG! circa resort 2006 baby! named after the likes of debbie harry, siouxie sioux, & sid vicious

here's what i have coming up for a future blog for my lucky 2 readers. HAHAH
* FABRIC WITH STUDS * (store exclusive)

Beach Tote
23 x 12.5 x 7.5"
Colors: black, white, military green, red

thanks PF, TFS, bagforum, Barnsley, Johnstone, for eye candy