Sunday, March 1, 2009

Holy sweet punk, batman!

gonna give catwoman a run for her money....after literally years of stalking my dear beloved fields of bags on ebay and other sources....i have stumbled upon a super RARE boutique exclusive bag from the 'harder to find than an unaltered face in hollywood' line of bags MJ put out in limited release a few years back.

Let me just celebrate the thing that is SWEET PUNK!

A wonderful line of bags, made in limited quantitys, out of hand painted metal punk studs, kangaroo leather and heavy duty canvas. Owned by such celebs as selma blaire, cameron diaz, spiderman's wifey (who's not MJ: mary jane watson. HA!) and the fabulous hilary duff.

Nearly impossible to find in the resale market. So rare that mosh pits form at the sight of one. SWEET EFFING PUNK BAG! circa resort 2006 baby! named after the likes of debbie harry, siouxie sioux, & sid vicious

here's what i have coming up for a future blog for my lucky 2 readers. HAHAH
* FABRIC WITH STUDS * (store exclusive)

Beach Tote
23 x 12.5 x 7.5"
Colors: black, white, military green, red

thanks PF, TFS, bagforum, Barnsley, Johnstone, for eye candy

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