Thursday, April 16, 2009

dear MJ,

im so sorry i just disappeared all of a sudden. it really wasn't you i swear. I met this other brand, who was an ex of mine. Their name was Chloe. We used to date. Apparently they still had my number since i got a call, and i answered. Twice.

It didn't mean anything I swear MJ. You're still my one and only. (Guess I shouldn't mention that one nite with Valentino either. I'm still thinking about it.)

I think it's just the pressure. With this move and all this commitment all of a sudden, I strayed away from you, my dear. But to make it up to you, I'm taking you to a party with me next week. And I promise I'll be good from now on.

no more bag cheating....I am really going to try.(having some dry-arse bag funds help too)
the girl that loves MJ <3

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