Wednesday, May 20, 2009


what dos the color combo remind me of??? sailor moon....japanese school girl outfits....those composition books with the red lines and my writing in blue bic ink. it reminds me of vintage for some reason, world war 2 vintage...kinda 1940's when patriotic colors were kinda running the makes me want to go all blaire waldorf...

so my lil secret bag i just got, which in my mind envisions all the lil vintage nuances and quirks MJ is capable of in one lil bag. it's the classic venetia in the rare color indigo. hope you enjoy, sure have been

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

man...moving sucks

...but what better way to fight the day of moving...actually the weeks of moving...than a reward? And what makes the best reward ever? MJ of course! So i was supposed to be kinda sorta banned too. but never seems to work for me. because the minute I go and BAN myself, the best bags pop up deliberately tempting me with their insanely low prices. I just don't know what it is....but it happens every time.

So yes, I've been working hard....and it seems my birthday is going to pop up late next month as well. My family doesn't understand my love of everything marc just shake their heads in confused mannerisms and raised eyebrows. but I swear there's nothing like that soft calf leather of the classics, or that wonderful suede lining that he sadly has stopped making. There's nothing like the shiny chrome of MJ hardware. It's like a classic car: shiny, chromed-out and available in a variety of colors. This new acquisition of mine, which should hopefully come via partially disgruntled postal method, is from a year when I had no MJ. A year when I was stuck in college taking art classes and dreaming of being able to own a bag I saw in a magazine. I think at the time I was into LAMB....I cant quite the time I knew not of the wonders of second hand on ebay.

Oh how the years have made me wiser......

Friday, May 8, 2009


yupsies! i have been dying to oogle and oggle and blab about MJ but i have been without internet because i moved. I thought perhaps sending out MJ ads in bottles would be fun, but the damn internet just reaches so many more people...

i have so much to talk about. MJ's fall 09 bags are slowly coming in and I am utterly head over heels about a few of them. Man i wish I would just win the lottery! Or become MJ's personal prototype tester. one of each please! multiple safety pin clutches!!

In the meantime with the move, I have managed to score some classic MJ bags while receiving and reselling a few things. I seriously should compile a list of all the MJ's i have owned and have moved on from. it's be a hefty list indeed. The google matches would love me for it! I feel like an MJ connoisseur...only the finest stay in my collection...and whittling down the right color combo's is an art in itself...for spring, im really into menthol greens....yellows blue's and whites....i just added a RARE dove grey stella to my collection

....rare as hen's teeths some may say, which makes me picture a grotesque chicken with red-glowy eyes. eek!

another older beauty should be showing up next week and i promise you all a peep show. the one thing i love abut recessions and economic crisis, is that all the old rare bags start pouring out of the woodwork like mice from a buring barn....and the prices are good if you know what to look for. I should do a blog on getting a deal on MJ bags...but if i reveal my secrets then I wouldn't have these wonderful scores to share with you all. Some secrets are left best untold...until next time....from the girl who loves MJ
the moving girl