Monday, June 29, 2009

goodness! gracious!

wow, it's almost been a month and no gushing about my dear old love MJ. it's partially because I've been trying to suppress my love for what he has coming out for fall 09 (and pretend they dont cost as much as they do), partially because i had been hunting down a chloe bag from 2005...well 2 actually.

and now it seems the world is merging and chloe is taking some ques from MJ and his gorgeous fabulous bags from 2009. I was reading the newest issue of ELLE yesterday in the car, since we had to drive down to LAX. and i saw this thing on page 173. (i need to scan for you...)

all of a sudden, designers are attempting the arts & crafts movement stuff Mj has been spilling out onto the runway for the past few seasons. collaged chains and interwoven leathers and eclectic fabulous-ness everywhere. Not for a long while have I been as excited about design as 2009. oversized tassles, lil chanel type classic bag shapes, decorated to the extreme....the textures are just making me drool.

case in point: chloe runway bag for 2009 fall:

and MJ bags for 2009:

im still waiting for a saffron ZC at an unbelievable price...and would like to find a bag in spearmint, so right now im sitting back and waiting

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