Monday, June 1, 2009

whoops....a long time friend came back. when i first started my obsession with MJ way back in 2005, i also fell in love with this bag. it's funny most of the MJ loyal girls i know seem to favor chloe as well. well, crap. one popped up on my fav online bay of everything and anything and i could not say no. funny thing too, the lady i bought it from ended up buying a friends MJ stella....i love how she referanced Mj in the description here:

"This is quite simply a gorgeous handbag by Chloe that I've priced ridiculously low because legitimately, I lost one of the strap guards on the front pocket - look at picture #1 and look at the right hand buckle - see the strap is loose? Victor, my shoe guy said he could create a strap out of matching leather for $20-of course that doesn't mean squat right now but I'm just telling you that I priced this taking that into consideration. I just have too many handbags and I rarely if ever stray far from my black Stella anymore so I am starting to divest. Its easier to divest (yeah sure..) than it is to endure the heavy sigh and eye roll when Movie Guy enters the closet and looks for a place to put his 17th pair of Nike Dunks. 71 purses is excessive but 17 pairs of tennis shoes (they aren't tennis shoes they are DUNKS!!) is out of the ordinary. Anyway, this is in really excellent shape. Its authentic - if you find it is not, I will refund you 100% plus shipping, something I ordinarily don't do but in this case I will do because I know it's not going to happen! The Edith is a very conservative handbag style, reminds me of Meryl Streep in out of Africa. L&cky had a page of fashion and handbags geared towards just this imagery this month - look for it. The rootbeery caramel leather has few scratches, if any. I am not bragging more than
I am incredulous because I am horrible with my handbags. I leave food in them for days, okay - candy bars not food but sometimes they melt. The pale pink suede in my Stella still has remnants of the Mars bar I gobbled and then left for dead. This bag is 15"long and 11" tall. The widest point in the width is 6" at the bottom and it narrows as it gets to the top with the brass zipper and big wide pull tab. There is contrasting stitching, and did I just say this is an incredible price on this bag. I really am just trying to make sure this goes to a good home ok? I'm not looking for a profit or even a good time ok Harry?"

pale pink MJ lining eh?? must be a vintage bag. lady's got good taste...and i cheated once again. whoops!

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