Thursday, August 13, 2009

electric violet problems

mn, i hate to have to write this, but sadly i do. it's come to my attention through various forum posts that aapreantly the indigo color and electric violet color done in the hillier hobo's from MJ have some 'wear' issues...

i dunno if these issues have to do with the adhesion between the color dye and the leather, or if it is a cheaper method of coloring leather or if the whole economic thing has caused my favorite brand to cut a few corners here and there...but sadly my hillier has shown signs of wear (as well as several of my MJ obsessed friends online) and so im parting ways with her.

im really saddened by this because electric violet is the worlds most perfect shade of violet...

oh how i wish i could just view the world in rose colored goggles...


  1. so disappointing. I tried on the ss09 MJ shoes with the wooden heart-shaped heel and lo and behold, the metallic blue leather left blue marks on my feet (that did not come off easily)... in all of 5 minutes I was trying them on in the boutique!

  2. electric violet truly is the best shade of violet. I love it to death. in fact, my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight over whether or not it is electric violet or pink, wtf. it is nowhere close to pink.
    I'm sad to hear this :( oh well...

  3. Yes, I totally agree with this. I recently bought a MbMJ Q Hattie bag in EV from NM and the color is already begining to wear off the bottom corners of the bag, and the leather scratches waaay to easily. I've only had the bag maybe 3 weeks, carried it to and from work maybe 5 times at the most. I have a Dr. Q Groovee tote in Bordeaux that is about 2 years old that has taken way more than this bag and it looks brand new. MJ's quality has definately gone downhill (while the prices have still gone up). This is not just MJ's problem though, I recently returned a Gucci bag after the leather color started to wear off after 1 week. Very sad.

    I agree...I have the Dr. Groovee in E.V., but I figure the more scratches and wear, that just means you've used it enough times and it's your favorite!.