Sunday, August 16, 2009

MJ lately...MJ daily....

so i've been really scrutinizing MJ purchases lately, partially because since i moved i have less $$ to spend, and so when i do, it's got to be REALLY well thought out. A friend of mine got me a giftcard for my b-day and I found some really cute MBMJ sunglasses at NM last call. model # 069. they were $90 at the last call, and so i came home and fleabayed them...low and behold, a mere $37.

Amazon, the place i got the GC to, $ i sat it out. i was actually surprised Amazons prices are so much higher than *bay. I was looking for an american girl doll for my nieces bday and it was like almost double retail. WTF!

anyways, by some way of shopping luck, the sunglasses suddenly got discounted on, down to $47....just under $50 and good enough. So I bought them. and I really like tehm. I have a pair of aviators (mock raybans aviators done by REACTION by Kenneth Cole) that cost me a whopping $9.99 at ROSS....i figure if im not gonna try to pull off the angelina jolie/megan fox look very often, no use in buying the raybans...maybe one day down the road...who knows...

I did pay mucho $$ for the wayfarer II's i have....and i have worn tose puppies into the dust. SO i got the 'hipster/beatnick/bob dylan brooding' glasses, the fun '50's art girl/i could work at MJ or an art gallery' studded ones, and then the rarely used 'i feel like a sexy adventurer-dont f**k with me' aviators.

And then there's the tale of the watch. I have been in love with the MJ snakeskin molly watch since I first laid eyes on it.

it's sleek, yet chunky. sexy but punky. LOVE. pure fricken love. but the prices, however discounted on *bay were always out of my budget. The lowest I had ever seen it was like around $180....but another score, I found on *bay....$29. flat. bam.i think it retailed for $ what is that, 90% off? that's some serious recession/depression deal. i put a snipe in and somehow fate reared it's semiautomatic arsenal and shot down anyone who dared bid against me. so I got that sweet sweet bling. the pyramid studs tell me what time it is. how effing punk rock is that!?!?! GAH!

next up...the small leather goodies...

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