Saturday, October 17, 2009

i love MJ

im excited about fall because there's all kinds of neat coats and shoes on ebay now from MJ i can oggle over. im dying for a cartoon paisley scarf....and missed the F&F sale saks had where they would have been 25% off. damn. im trying to figure out what bag to use's hot, and i'd rather internet window shop for MJ and write about a season or two than work. I have this really fun concept I want to try with his bags and his ads and some of my skills. cant say more than that, but you'll see it when i do one. it's going to be awesome!

Friday, October 16, 2009

the girl loves marc jacobs, but she's engaged to another man....LOL

yep. tis the truth. shall i start a wedding planning blog now? dear god!
so in honor of the honor....i found some icey pearl goodness. it's from 2005, my favorite season so far...and serves a nice purpose since i've been out of a wallet for too long. it's like jewelery, the color is pearl, it's got some of that gangsta' rapper 'ice' they speak's just grand!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

last week...STAM

well shoot, who would trade a ferrari for some fall 05 icey sweet loving? i would of course, only the girl that loves MJ would trade in the sweet hot italian made sports-car red for something equally enticing....and that's just what i did. i woke up some morning and saw a fall 05 icey black stam baby on *bay, yes that famous infamous online flea market of a marketplace....i had to have it. luckily, i had enough. just enough. i'd sacrifice the ferrari. i had to. unfortunately Mj hasn't called me yet to put me in the ads, and sadly being of the starving-artist employed-force of america, in order to fund my bag habits, one must sell in order to obtain. and that's what i did. ad so i did. i used to have this, almost lost it off the rail of the materhorn in diisneyland, never has my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest like it did then...i sold it a long time ago, the one i had was well loved and used, slightly abused, the soft antiqued brass hardware plating had worn off from the previous owner on the glad to have found a near mint replacement.

the fall 2005 collection still remains one of my favorite of all my memories of MJ. in my eyes, it sums up everything Mj is about, what he is and has been and what lays deep down in his core. He chose the popularized quilted bag, the diamond quilting chanel has guarded with karl lagerfeld and predecessors on a diamond encrusted dog leash chain since the classic flap bag came to be. no designer dared to tread on that design land for fear of turning to stone, or the backlash of the double-edged CC sword. and the chain itself, he dared to take and blow up in a cartoonishly devilish size....

the layers of clothes from that collection evoke a high fashioned grunge era look, ringing echos of his early days at perry ellis. The dresses feminie yet odd. ruffles and bows and girlish things were tacked on, but never quite evoked sexy, instead that strange allure that comes with the strange girl. oversized rosettes nipped in waists amongst the billowing layers of bright satins, noire-mod sheaths, and pleats amongst tuks amongst pleats that sauntered down one of the most prominant MJ show that would change the status of teh brand for years down the road due to one singular it-bag, when it-bags still existed of course, THE STAM.

named after little known model with the angel blue eyes, jessica stam, the bag hit like a sledgehammer, shaking the it-bag world off it's gold feet. It was featured first in the september vogue issue, staring karen elson, with rich jewel tones and lots of cats.

and so i picked up the lil small ditty version, and now with my new red hair, am trying to find inspiration of styling....