Thursday, November 12, 2009

did i post these?

hrm...i think i need to be spanked for lack of posting! i have a lot of MJ goodies to show you. some i've been coveting close to my heart, hanging lovely on my arms.....and some have yet to come...

someone who is partially insane listed one on sleezey-beezey-bay recently....i cannot believe i haven't shared this! eep! *swat* i used to have this bag. but it went away because it had a scratch on the kisslock that bothered me....this one is perfection, so any damage i do, it's my own damn fault. presenting to my 14 watchers (you know who you are, sexy lil thangs....) a fall 2005 icey black baby stam:

and this is this baby in action...albeit lazy, unfashionable action:

oh wait! i used it on halloween. i was an MJ mermaid ;) there, that's some fashionable shizzle right there...

shall i let you have your cake and eat it too? oh fuck, why not....another splurge...i really shouldn't have gone after this one, but what the hoo right? another fall 2005 beauty, a black icey venetia bag. such a classy, classy mo-fo of a bag. like seriously. you want to look like the sickest, sexiest professional pro of whatever the fuck it is you do? then this is the bag for you! divine bordeaux velvet suede lining too....UGH! better than dark chocolate!

and todays look for you, was inspired by the bottled rock juice that is allison mosshart. just call me the kills....
over and out
the girl who love-a-dub-dubs MJ


  1. BEAUTIFUL MJs :) I'm jealous!

  2. the Baby Stam is adorable, size of it adds such a fun twist to the stam. p.s. I love your outfit for Halloween, what an original and fun outfit!