Friday, December 4, 2009

star light, star bright

i still dont know what i want for christmas. but i have made a vow I am going to try and update this beauty of a blog of all things Mj once a day, even if it's a lil verbal nonsense. Today, i am still pondering the price of a cartoon paisely scarf on sale. while i was thinking, i found a nice lil loophole on and got this shirt. I have always loved this shirt. I found it once at a NORDSTROMS RACK....but it was a L and too big for my lack of tits.

I shall say it once, as I am sure I have repeated it more....I adore and hate ebay all in one!

in other news, I have some MJ for sale on ebay, an elusive suer hard to find fall 2005 petrol cammie, just in case anyone is in the shop til you drop mode:

gaze up it's blue rarity, my 16 readers,.....drool all over the keyboard...

and now to try to find zhu zhu pets...
over and out

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