Monday, September 20, 2010

im insane!

yep....been madly working and sadly slacking off on my MJ lover-gush posts here....

lets see....what's new....

um fall 2010, possibly MJ's most amazing collection to date from fall 2005.

spring 2011? all i can say is thank god for the bursts of color and thank god for giant sunglasses....i need these in my life. that and some ridiculous boho dresses and giant hat. yep. im letting the MJ shows as of late direct my style for the next 6 months.

and in my lil MJ bubble??? what have i been up to? well, you know, the constant window shopping on ebay...a few things have been added to my collection and a few things removed.

here are my latest additions since last we blogged. hope you enjoy them as much as i am!:

marc jacobs fall 2009 GASH!

and then a lil piece of stardust i found as well:
MJ stardust stam in clay:

and with all this, and an upcoming wedding, i have FINALLY decided to part with my beloved SWEET PUNK available on ebay and bonanzle.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

RESORT 2010.. 0_0

when you think of resort what comes to mind? vacations in the tropics, safari's? cruises and yachts and fancy drinks? how's about rich airplane stewarts from the 1960's taking a vacation in hawaii, dressed to the 9's, hat and all? only from MARC JACOBS. and this is the first resort collection I am in love 100%. can i just have everything??? it oozes penolope tree/twiggy 60's lux!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

spring's almost summer!

wowee! it's almost summer i cant believe it. did a lil spring cleaning and have the following two beauties up on ebay right now, in case any of you fellow readers would like to adopt... a first season MJ dylan and a MJ mainline palaise royal asa bag:

been enjoying my new dr. groove bag. i really need to take some modeling pics with it. im making some summer dresses right now, so perhaps when im done, i'll have a post soley devoted to how versatile the wonderful MBMJ groovee is...

until then, drink lemonade, enjoy the sun.

Monday, April 26, 2010

big groovee, little groovee

i've gone back and forth for too long....the other day i took the plunge i should have taken back in fall 2008, when this bad boy hit the catwalk and made me want to trade organs for the bump toe buckle boots he sent skip-kicking down that 80's re-hash runway of glory....oh boy dr. q groovee!

Friday, April 2, 2010

what i've been thrashing

lil thrash and some drink at a recent art benefit to help out this fella:

any help at all is good help.

Monday, March 22, 2010

thrash love i have been using my new thrash pretty much non stop. and now, as the fall show is picking up orders and we're seeing the spring summer bags trickle into the all giddy at the potential deals to be scored on the awesome items from fall 09.

i seriously need a new pair of boots. and there are some really bitchin' ones being reduced on various sites. some of my favs so far....

to be continued...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

the best part of a new season... the rare chance of being able to score the un-scorable from the last season....let me present my newest aquisition, something i've been drooling after for months and months...(and this is to make up for my severe sad lack of posts lately....)

the fall 09 THRASH BAG!
i am in love.
serious LOVE
this is like all good things from 2006 Sweet Punk line x 100
I die!

Friday, March 5, 2010

we interupt this regularly scheduled MJ: JOHN PAUL GAULTIER

was recently spotted at target via twitter. you know the rodarte collection was leaked....somehow this one just doesn't have the cult following....i want to check out the leather know i love me some leather jackets....hoping no one cares in my small lil cow town and they'll be heavily marked down....i do love Mj but the man that did the costumes to THE FIFTH ELEMENT is awesome in his own way. here's to hoping! and thank you popfizzdaily for your tweets

Monday, February 15, 2010

MJ fall 2010 starts 8PM tonite!

i cannot wait. not at all. i've been waiting for weeks for this. i love fall. and i love what MJ's been doing. fall always has the best bags though. and miss hawaii, winner of those 22 tix to the runway show, i am SOOOOO jealous!

if you folks dont know, robert duffy has been a twittering and a tweeting all about the show for the past several weeks. I just want to hug the honesty in his lil blurbs....

"Fashion is now a spectator sport. It brings out the best and worst in people. Let it bring out the best in you. Don't do this for fame!"

this is why i LOVE MJ! there's no snotty demeanor, it's like the enthusiasm of children bottled up....oh yeah, did yah know MJ is supposedly doing a fragrance for men?? oh yeah....

check out the rest here:

Monday, February 1, 2010

ahhhhhh 2010 and the MJ's so far

i felt like i had a string of flunks in my recent purchases lately. I often have that problem when i dwell in the land of MBMJ. I think his recent Petal to the Metal line was a serious fluke of genius...and i am so sad to see the natasha bag only for resort and not carried over into the spring line. that didn't even have a chance to live up to it's possible popularity before it sold out....seriously. it's been my go to bag since i got it. it's so perfect in every way....UGH!

Im really excited too. it's feb. 1 so we now have 15 days before MJ has his mainline collection show in fashion week! (for all you gals who dont know, it's feb. 15 at 8pm....we'll see how late....or how perfectly punctual he is this year. LOL) I'm really excited to see where he takes it. The S/S 2010 show was so japanese inspired, something I think he's dabbled with more in his LV design than stuff for his very own collection. I would love to see more obi's and more harajuku layering with feminine ruffles in those delicious fall colors he uses...fall is after all my favorite time to dress...

the new S/S and resort bags are trickling into stores and boutiques as well. so far, the kate bag from the paradise line, has really hit some chords with buyers. It's rare for MJ to do more simple practicality i think. the exterior design is architectural, unexpected take on a traditional, comfy an origami hobo? it's like e took something normally associated with practicality and a boho aethetic and vamped it up with some angular zippage, and dusted a light sprinkling of bad-ass in the form of cute lil baby pyramid studs and voila, THE KATE (pics from N-A-P)

I personally just adore the lil black and white woven of these days, if i stumble on one for less than retail, I would LOVE to own small and compact and perfect... like an erte

i think this one is the ossie...

zig-zags and ruffles and military jackets for spring!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

LOVE, lil groovee

i went to nordies months and months ago. I fell in love with the baby groove. When i went back in december, I saw them again and fondled them and thought AWHHHH....

so when i came to the realization that shiny gold hardware just doesn't work for me....I sent christy bag a packing down to the land down under....(my fellow aussie purselovers REALLY love MJ!) and pursued this beauty.....

im sorry, but I have no clue where this picture came from. if anyone knows, please let me know!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

goodbye lil stam, hello christy!

so lil black baby icey stam the 2nd said her hellos and goodbyes last week. a new home is scheduled for it in the land down under...i have such a love relationship with anything fall 05, but many of my acquisitions don't get used enough and so I end up parting with them down the road. it's horrible.

but the good news is I picked something up on *bay that I had always wanted to own. It's a fairly simple, classic bag from MJ's fall 2007 line.

In this whole economic climate, I'm kinda leaning towards more discretely labeled designer bags...or more obscure ones only die hard MJ fans would know of. Plus I still had that void in my small collection for a red bag...

So introducing a practical, light-weight (for mJ standards) bag done in luscious soft calf leather with brown suede lining and gold hardware. im not 100% sold on the hardware color completely, but it will allow me to switch up my style if need be. It's dressy without being dressy overkill. I'm referring to it as the mainline faridah

the fall 07 christy in bordeaux:

i love and hate ebay. but this week i love them for allowing me to score a next to new bag that is really hard to find. next week i shall hate ebay though as i have to pay their crappy overpriced listing fees. lame!

Friday, January 1, 2010

where are they??

so i guess the PTTM natasha bag is now sold out....and it wasn't even featured in a dang ad. well, time to take care of that. look! new MJ ads, courtesy of the girl who loves Mj and her secret photographer ;)

hey need me! hire me! i'll work for trade ;)

happy new years!

cheers to healthy, happy & prosperous new year! (and more Mj of course!)
-the girl who loves you know who...