Sunday, January 10, 2010

goodbye lil stam, hello christy!

so lil black baby icey stam the 2nd said her hellos and goodbyes last week. a new home is scheduled for it in the land down under...i have such a love relationship with anything fall 05, but many of my acquisitions don't get used enough and so I end up parting with them down the road. it's horrible.

but the good news is I picked something up on *bay that I had always wanted to own. It's a fairly simple, classic bag from MJ's fall 2007 line.

In this whole economic climate, I'm kinda leaning towards more discretely labeled designer bags...or more obscure ones only die hard MJ fans would know of. Plus I still had that void in my small collection for a red bag...

So introducing a practical, light-weight (for mJ standards) bag done in luscious soft calf leather with brown suede lining and gold hardware. im not 100% sold on the hardware color completely, but it will allow me to switch up my style if need be. It's dressy without being dressy overkill. I'm referring to it as the mainline faridah

the fall 07 christy in bordeaux:

i love and hate ebay. but this week i love them for allowing me to score a next to new bag that is really hard to find. next week i shall hate ebay though as i have to pay their crappy overpriced listing fees. lame!

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