Friday, January 1, 2010

where are they??

so i guess the PTTM natasha bag is now sold out....and it wasn't even featured in a dang ad. well, time to take care of that. look! new MJ ads, courtesy of the girl who loves Mj and her secret photographer ;)

hey need me! hire me! i'll work for trade ;)


  1. Love these ads! And the bag is my NUMBER ONE dreambag! Too bad I can't get hold of it...

  2. same here...I now regret not buying it back in Nov. when I spot it at Nordstrom. Do you know if MJ is gonna make more of this bag?

  3. I just got this bag a few weeks ago and I love it! All the pockets are so useful and it is so adorable!

    I want a Sasha now in the brightish blue.....great great bag!

    Love your pics!!

  4. love it lol!

    I love MJ! I just purchased the Catherine for half off and I love it. Beautiful color and soft leather. Next up...a clutch and bangles!