Monday, February 1, 2010

ahhhhhh 2010 and the MJ's so far

i felt like i had a string of flunks in my recent purchases lately. I often have that problem when i dwell in the land of MBMJ. I think his recent Petal to the Metal line was a serious fluke of genius...and i am so sad to see the natasha bag only for resort and not carried over into the spring line. that didn't even have a chance to live up to it's possible popularity before it sold out....seriously. it's been my go to bag since i got it. it's so perfect in every way....UGH!

Im really excited too. it's feb. 1 so we now have 15 days before MJ has his mainline collection show in fashion week! (for all you gals who dont know, it's feb. 15 at 8pm....we'll see how late....or how perfectly punctual he is this year. LOL) I'm really excited to see where he takes it. The S/S 2010 show was so japanese inspired, something I think he's dabbled with more in his LV design than stuff for his very own collection. I would love to see more obi's and more harajuku layering with feminine ruffles in those delicious fall colors he uses...fall is after all my favorite time to dress...

the new S/S and resort bags are trickling into stores and boutiques as well. so far, the kate bag from the paradise line, has really hit some chords with buyers. It's rare for MJ to do more simple practicality i think. the exterior design is architectural, unexpected take on a traditional, comfy an origami hobo? it's like e took something normally associated with practicality and a boho aethetic and vamped it up with some angular zippage, and dusted a light sprinkling of bad-ass in the form of cute lil baby pyramid studs and voila, THE KATE (pics from N-A-P)

I personally just adore the lil black and white woven of these days, if i stumble on one for less than retail, I would LOVE to own small and compact and perfect... like an erte

i think this one is the ossie...

zig-zags and ruffles and military jackets for spring!!

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