Monday, February 15, 2010

MJ fall 2010 starts 8PM tonite!

i cannot wait. not at all. i've been waiting for weeks for this. i love fall. and i love what MJ's been doing. fall always has the best bags though. and miss hawaii, winner of those 22 tix to the runway show, i am SOOOOO jealous!

if you folks dont know, robert duffy has been a twittering and a tweeting all about the show for the past several weeks. I just want to hug the honesty in his lil blurbs....

"Fashion is now a spectator sport. It brings out the best and worst in people. Let it bring out the best in you. Don't do this for fame!"

this is why i LOVE MJ! there's no snotty demeanor, it's like the enthusiasm of children bottled up....oh yeah, did yah know MJ is supposedly doing a fragrance for men?? oh yeah....

check out the rest here:

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