Monday, September 20, 2010

im insane!

yep....been madly working and sadly slacking off on my MJ lover-gush posts here....

lets see....what's new....

um fall 2010, possibly MJ's most amazing collection to date from fall 2005.

spring 2011? all i can say is thank god for the bursts of color and thank god for giant sunglasses....i need these in my life. that and some ridiculous boho dresses and giant hat. yep. im letting the MJ shows as of late direct my style for the next 6 months.

and in my lil MJ bubble??? what have i been up to? well, you know, the constant window shopping on ebay...a few things have been added to my collection and a few things removed.

here are my latest additions since last we blogged. hope you enjoy them as much as i am!:

marc jacobs fall 2009 GASH!

and then a lil piece of stardust i found as well:
MJ stardust stam in clay:

and with all this, and an upcoming wedding, i have FINALLY decided to part with my beloved SWEET PUNK available on ebay and bonanzle.

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  1. hey lady..its brick78 (tamara styles) from the purse forum...i was looking for a bag and ended up here...small world of bag lovers.