Tuesday, December 27, 2011

buying Mj helps save a tree??

yep, you heard me right...if you have some giftcards burning a hole in your pocket, and you need some new sunnies for the new year...check this out: save a tree

and you're doing a good deed too!

the sunglasses are made of a "bio-based material" derived from castor-oil seeds...the case is made from re-purposed leather...im not entirely sure of the percentage of the donation MBMJ will give, but any giving is good giving in my book. I'm excited to see if MJ takes this use of recyclable, bio-degradable and repurposed materials even further....could you imagine some of his bags done this way?! just saying....it'd be pretty inventive, pretty breakthrough...pretty awesome...

in other MJ news...it seems he's finally opening up about all that hype about him taking over the reins at dior and riding the couture pony's saddle for a while...MJ talked to Vogue about it recently...stating "I don’t dream of doing anything else, or I didn’t" in regards to the possibility of him taking over the vacated seat as head designer at dior.

He goes on "There have been on-and-off conversations about Dior. I don’t know; maybe someday in the future, maybe years from now, I may end up going someplace else, maybe Dior. But right now I am at Vuitton, and all that matters to me is that that’s where I am and I’m going to keep doing my thing ... The irony in all of this is that I don’t dream of doing anything else, or I didn’t. My greatest challenge is to do something better than we’ve done the season before. The idea of couture doesn’t hold that thing for me. It’s archaic — in my opinion. I mean, I am really interested in the craftsmanship behind couture. But I can explore all that in ready-to-wear. With couture, one dress each season is photographed by a couple of magazines; there’s no advertising; it reaches 20 customers. I don’t feel there is anything lacking in what we do. I get to work with these amazing craftsmen. Maybe not the same ateliers that would make a couture dress, but, again, we are not in a deficit for working with people who create beautiful things. I am not sure I ever looked at couture as this great opportunity."

the article asks about his previous boy-toy, his mum....and about the MJ girl herself.
"Honestly, I think any woman who comes into our shop — she buys a dress because she likes it. She doesn’t really care what the references are or what a critic writes. Fashion isn’t a necessity. It pulls at your heart. It’s a whim. You don’t need it. You want it."
(vogue magazine)

in that last statement, he basically summed up what the brand is to me. This is why I love the brand, this is why MJ is THE man!

Monday, December 26, 2011

another blog...another day

hello lovelies. hope you all have a ncie holiday and got lots of MJ!! just wanted to tell you im staring another lil blog, full fashion this time. hope you'll check it out, read along and share if you like...

it should be fun!

love y'all!


Friday, December 16, 2011

IRON MAN BAG: Spotted and for sale!

more closet cleaning!

this time, it's the bag from IRON MAN....a sweet resort 2005 satchel in soft calf with that delicious chocolate milk suede lining of years past. oh how i miss thee...


mention you're a reader of the blog and get $15 off!

and while im on linings....dear god, can someone PLEASE convince the MBMJ team the linings ever since the paisley and ribbon stripes from the original natasha and sasha bags, have just literally turned my stomach and have kept me from appreciating any and all MBMJ since... (with the exception of the fall 2011 chevron print...that's okay with me...) but those horrible scrambled letters? they give me a headache.. literally... it's an assault to the eyes after such a lovely design is brought forth. it has LITERALLY kept me from buying several styles i grew fond of...i just cannot take it...

in other news....i've been cheating...added a chloe and balenciaga to the mix. Im beyond mad my H&M didn't get any DRAGON TATTOO pieces in....and enjoying the hell out of this gals blog and pictures....MJ galore!

stay sane, be nice, keep the peace and remember some MJ this holiday season

Monday, December 5, 2011

from the closet of the girl...

...comes an adorable lil treasure from years past. selling a cute lil bev clutch here:

if you like it, and want it, mention you're a follower on my blog and i'll knock 25% off! happy holidays my lovelies!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

stolen??? or not?

well, lil birdy said today that apaprently the 2012 MARC JACOBs mainline runway looks were stolen. several reputable sights have written about it...
from the telegraph:
' "Dear all," the email woefully began. "The Marc Jacobs PR team is sorry to inform you that our press day tomorrow [a refresher of the clothes that were first shown on the catwalk. What, the models' googly-eyed death stares were distracting, alright?] in the Marc Jacobs store is cancelled, due to the theft of the spring/summer 2012 collections during its transfer from Paris." Impressive, considering the collection consisted of 46 looks - hardly an under-the-T-shirt job is it? '

and now it seems Fashionista.com is reporting from HEARD ON THE RUNWAY blog that it wasn't the whole she-bang...

"Officials at Marc Jacobs declined comment but a person familiar with the situation told Heard on the Runway that it’s untrue that the entire collection was stolen. The runway looks are here in New York, this person said"

so whatever was stolen....and by whoever....i think this is a case for the mystery machine...
anyone care to comment why MJ isn't in talks for DIOR anymore?
maybe it's sabotage!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the elusive frankie bag

yes...some of you may know im a frequent poster over on ThePurseForum.com. I also authenticate MJ bags over there when im not gushing about them....I started this thread a long long time ago>>>http://forum.purseblog.com/marc-jacobs/ze-elusive-frankie-bag-who-haz-seen-dis-396655.html....in regards to the FRANKIE bag, shown in the advertisements that our dear ole lil FREE WINONA ryder modeled in.

I think the other bags in the ads were a bit more popular...but the frankies are TDF. they can still be found on ebay.

there was a small pouchette version:

the medium (which i owned in balck a long long time ago )

and this new one I discovered, the LARGE size....which is also a messenger.

they came in black, khaki, a minty green tone, yellow, and coral from what I can track down..

I think the newer Kate bags from the paradise line are similar in their simplistic chic to this bag....I love how MJ reinvents his older designs season after season. Sometime in the future I plan on doing a very long drawn out post on that....in the mean time, I'm collecting data....as that will most definitely be a designer thesis!

enjoy this lil part of MJ history....
I have a lil green surprise to share in a lil bit...and so sorry mr. jacobs, but chloe bit me and I've been a bit of a cheater as of late too....you need to do more GREEN BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! just sayin' ....
i still love you

Friday, October 21, 2011

this just in...

a really rare frankie bag in the large size in "khaki"....new post soon!
i think im finally settled into my new place....smaller closet is the downside...but upcoming fall wardrobe means some new clothes and hopefully a new bag or two...

right now im really into the orange garbo bags....the orange bags for fall....and kinda on a vintage MJ kick with all the minimalism going around, with our fun lil recession....

i need to write a post in regards to getting MJ on a budget....i never pay full price for anything...and there's so many nice ways to score some amazing MJ stuff if your determined and patient enough...

so please dear readers, be patient with me, and i promise i'll have more delicious MJ posts very very soon
nite loves!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

ebay cheap deals from my closet

yep, the girl who loves MJ moved, and sadly her closet is smaller....
so she found a few things and put them up, starting at $.33
go get 'em!

yogurt ZC

rare suede and stone bag

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

today in stardust

not much to post about...im packing up boxes, as we're moving in a week..but i thought i would share my outfit for the day
*white anthropologie slip dress
*gary graham moto vest
* SD cecilia in clay

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MBMJ S/S 2012

minimalism at it's finest.....did u see it yet? i want that orange dress that opened the show!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

here kitty kitty!

so FINALLY the Marc By MARC JACOBS fall 2011 stuff is showing up online....normally im not all that much into MBMJ, but he seriously nailed it the last few seasons. I think i love them because it's super boho seventies mixed with 1940's school-girl...it reminds me of a slightly more boyscout version of the spring 2011 stuff for his mainline, but in colors i like better....or at least are more wearable for me.

so im currently obsessed with the insane amount of goodies with the PANTHER print on them...also, the vintage chevron velvet. i NEED it. but that's another post...this particular one i thought i would devote to the kitty....all the kitties....it's a jungle out there!

panther tie clip

iphone cover

pendant necklace



panther scarf

cuff links

panther messenger





Thursday, September 8, 2011

MJ RETROspective!

so i hope all you guys and gals have heard the buzz and rumours of MJ potentially moving to the head designer spot for DIOR. I dont know how I feel about this, in one aspect I am excited as hell to see what he could do with the brand, something new....at the same time i'll be sad to see him leave LV and I wonder how his MARC JACOBS brand will transform if he does indeed take up the reigns at the big DI-OR...

in other news, I am beyond excited to hear about this MARC JACOBS RETROSPECTIVE. during fashion week, according to WWD, Louis Vuitton is supposed to be holding a MJ retrospective. of course this is supposedely un-dior related....and held due to the fact a Milan LV store is expanding and opening up a 'travel store'.....

can you believe that? 70 runway shows to pull from....designs all the way back to 1997 when MJ took the helm as head designer at LV!?!?....my god, i'd sell organs to get my butt out there to see this!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

oh boy! cecilia!

and that's how it happened. i swear! lucky to have found this puppy.....clay stardust cecilia!!!!!!!!! i think potentially MJ's best grey since the mayfair/mixed quilting line he did about 5 years ago....it's literally like ceramic clay....

Monday, August 22, 2011


yes, im crazy....but I want a few things from fall....so up goes A SUPER RARE PETROL STAM on ebay!! from the closet of the GIRL WHO LOVES MJ!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

another day, another WANT

fall 2011 stuff is slowly trickling in....i found this on shopbop. Despite it being hipster cliche, i think it'd be the cutest thing to take to a concert or something when all you need are GA tickets, a credit card or two and some MJ style...

available on shopbop.com
now golden tan or cranberry??

Sunday, August 7, 2011

a lil closet cleaning

anyone wanna groovee? near new, sold out color, hard to find style?? how about no reserve, winner takes all?? yeah?? well then take a lil stroll over to my shop of choice, ebay and take a look see. brought to you from the closet of THE GIRLS who LOVES MJ!


Friday, August 5, 2011

MJ the inventor!

while i can think of all the things celebs could potentially 'stash' in a ring like this, still the technical drawing had me intrigued

from Rebecca Greenfield, a staff writer for The Atlantic Wire.

Some celebrities aren't just pretty faces. A few of them are also touched with that Yankee prowess for tinkering and invention. In this weekly series, we introduce you to the Patents of the Rich and Famous. And maybe you learn a little bit about how patent literature works along the way.

Inventor: Marc Jacobs

Known For: Jacobs is a designer. He designs couture garments for his Marc Jacobs line, he designs almost-affordable mainstream clothing for his Marc by Marc Jacobs line. He designs shoes, purses and handbags. He designs "Marc by Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs" (trying saying that ten times, fast) accessories.

He holds many patents for his creations -- most of them design patents. But he also holds a non-design patent for this more intricate piece.

Invented Apparatus:"Ring with hidden internal compartments"

It's a ring outfitted with compartments for hiding things.

The present invention relates to a ring and, more particularly, to a ring having a plurality of hidden internal compartments for concealing small articles.

The ring contains outer and inner parts, which rotate opposite one another. The inside ring contains nooks for storage, which are only accessible by removing the ring and rotating the parts until proper alignment is reached, revealing the secret compartments.

Rationale Behind Invention: Rings with secret compartments existed long before this designer came along. But Jacobs decided that he had to conceive of his own because the old models weren't suitable; the compartments weren't secret enough. Jacobs wanted to create a ring that would safely hold tiny, precious items:

Such rings are not suitable for secret storage of valuables, such as small diamonds or other small articles, first, because an inspection of the ring easily reveals the presence of the hidden compartment, and second, the hidden compartment can easily be opened even while the ring is being worn.

Jacobs created designer jewelry that doubled as a safe for valuables. According to a Los Angeles Times article, Jacobs created the design, which he called a Rattle Ring, to hold loose gems so celebrities like Debbie Harry could carry around their extra ice.

Off-Label Uses: It's hard to believe that the wealthy didn't store other rocks in the ring's hidden compartments.

Future Directions: If Jacobs expects people to store their most valuable wares, we bet his customers would appreciate a little more security. Instead of allowing access to the secret compartments with a simple rotation, Jacobs should add some sort of security system. Maybe a retina eye-scan or fingerprint identification system. Or maybe just a simple combination lock.

and just one more reason why MJ is a genius in my book. I'd love to see him do a steampunk collection one of these days....a girl can dream...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

feelin' blue...

it's the middle of summer and it's been so foggy here the last few days it's driving me crazy....not much of a summer outfit, but here's my petrol stam in action with a lil free people jacket...vintage top, theory pants...somehow this jacket matches petrol EXACTLY!!

i found it on sale at macys, but it's also on sale here:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Petrol stam: the dream come true

...so yes, I love the stam...and one of my days on dear old ebay, I found this random listing with pretty crappy pictures. I actually thought this puppy was a black icy stam, so I immediately emailed two close purse addict pals the listing....I then started looking a bit closer and a bit longer....the black looked awfuly inky....almost greeny. I thought 'nah...couldn't be' and then I got to one picture where it most definitely had that lucid gasoline color to it: PETROL!

So as the adrenaline kicked in, I hit that wonderful BIN button that never fails to excite those cursed with the shopping gene, and then emailed the seller all calm like for those lil key pictures. I authenticate bags on PurseForum.com in the MJ section. I used to do LV too, but it's been years and my skills have grown a bit rusty. I knew for this particular stam, there were 2 money shots. and also it would reveal the true color of the bag...

thank goodness for the few sane sellers left on there, the seller obliged and I felt like I had just discovered some long lost ancient relic and just sat there in front of my computer screen and uttered the word "GODDAMN"

and so that was the story that basically made me birthday and the whole month....that was last month and this is THE elusive PETROL stam bag from fall 2005: eat your heart out baby!

oh, and ebay also graced me with a matching ZC just a few weeks prior...could it get any better?

Friday, July 8, 2011

The elusive Petrol stam....a novel: chapter 1

If you know anything about the fall 2005 collection, or Stam bags in general, then I am sure you've seen the picture of Linsay Lohan carrying a nice pretty blue toned bag....

Way back in 2005, I was under some incredible lucky circumstances and managed to be able to order a taupe stam from Bergdorf Goodman. Here's a lovely shot of the nappa taupe version from Neiman Marcus's look-book....I'm pretty sure it was an exclusive.

I don't know if I have ever shared with you, my dear readers, how my MJ fascination took off in flight or how I discovered my love of the brand. I know I have shared tidbits on The Purse Forum....where I frequently post. It all happened one fine day while browsing the latest issue of vogue....august or september....and I stumbled across a lovely editorial with the flame haired vixen Karen Elson. The last picture in the shoot was this gorgeous red knit dress, a fluffy cat and an amazing bag. At that time, I did not know who or what MARC JACOBS was.....

After seeing this I frantically began searching boards and forums for ID's and maker....I totally thought it was a Chanel or Versace or something. My thread got combined with another and I found out about the man MARC JACOBS....

Soon after that, stores began selling out. Barneys was out. Celebs were being spotted with the bags as fast as the paparazzi's flash bulbs were going off. In the decade of the "It-bag" a new one was born in the early months of fall 2005.

I was so lucky to have gotten one back then. It came in a huge silver gift box with a purple ribbon I still have. I couldn't believe the weight of it when I got it. And honest to god I was terrified and in amazement of something so beautiful, something so expensive...

years have gone by. My taupe stam has been so many places with me....job interviews, conventions, shopping trips, parties, college and honeymoons...concerts and dinners....

Since my initial infatuation with MJ....I must have owned almost every goddamn style he has ever put out. A lot of styles just did not work...whether it be the weight or the style or the colors....there always seemed to be something. Last year I started to realize that I fell in love with the stam, and perhaps it wasn't complete insanity after buying and selling countless bags, to perhaps have multiples of one I adores, one that worked for me..

And so this year I have tried to make it a point in buying things I know will last me years, and style-wise I know will work for me day to day. It's one of the reasons I adore the stam bag: it's chic simplicity, it's easy access, it's classic quilting and myriad of colors...I swear it's a dream bag. It's ingenious. It's practical, it's perfection.

to be continued....