Saturday, June 25, 2011

wow! Time for a revamp!

hey ladies and dolls and stylish boys all around....I'm back with a vengance, and dusting off all the cobwebs around here. My last few months have been nsanely busy, not only with bags but with life. I shut down a bit in my blogging and elsewhere because I was planning my on DIY wedding. and now it's over and everythings all in it's place, I can now enjoy bags as a married gal. tee hee!

I'm sure you all have seen the fall 2011 runway show already, and if you haven't SHAME SHAME SHAME! I adore Helena Bonham Carter in the new ads, playing off the concept of spots....and dots and spots and specks of all kind are going to be IT for the next 6 months. Tis the truth! ELLE magazine jumped right in with arms wide open in their recent issue (june 2011) and did a gorgeous Dot inspired thread with the adorable Emma Stone rocking the lil carpet dot dylan needs to edit his's no longer a leopard skin pillbox one.

I have armloads of new stuff, all MJ related of course, to discuss and gush and debate stay tuned!

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