Saturday, July 30, 2011

Petrol stam: the dream come true yes, I love the stam...and one of my days on dear old ebay, I found this random listing with pretty crappy pictures. I actually thought this puppy was a black icy stam, so I immediately emailed two close purse addict pals the listing....I then started looking a bit closer and a bit longer....the black looked awfuly inky....almost greeny. I thought 'nah...couldn't be' and then I got to one picture where it most definitely had that lucid gasoline color to it: PETROL!

So as the adrenaline kicked in, I hit that wonderful BIN button that never fails to excite those cursed with the shopping gene, and then emailed the seller all calm like for those lil key pictures. I authenticate bags on in the MJ section. I used to do LV too, but it's been years and my skills have grown a bit rusty. I knew for this particular stam, there were 2 money shots. and also it would reveal the true color of the bag...

thank goodness for the few sane sellers left on there, the seller obliged and I felt like I had just discovered some long lost ancient relic and just sat there in front of my computer screen and uttered the word "GODDAMN"

and so that was the story that basically made me birthday and the whole month....that was last month and this is THE elusive PETROL stam bag from fall 2005: eat your heart out baby!

oh, and ebay also graced me with a matching ZC just a few weeks prior...could it get any better?

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