Tuesday, July 5, 2011

what? new bag update!

so it's been months right since i updated this bloggy. In that time....actually within the last month... I managed to get pretty darn lucky on ebay and find some bags from Fall 2005 that I had never thought I would be lucky enough to own.

First came a rare lil gem. I would say bordeaux, violet and petrol are the hardest "icy" leather color combos to find these days. black and taupe probably more common...
I found it funny the seller thought the hardware (being that nice brushed antique brass that i drool over) had 'tarnish'....no no dear....'twas made that way!

so here was my first score of june....a small baby bordeaux icy stam from fall 2005. as seen in my last post here....

The color is really interesting....like a purpley merlot wine. Not really burgundy, not really red....really gorgeous though...

I really cant wait until fall, so then this puppy can get mixed in with warm shades of browns and chestnuts....sweater knits and woolens...it's made for fall dressing!

but for right now, here's my best summer look

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