Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the elusive frankie bag

yes...some of you may know im a frequent poster over on I also authenticate MJ bags over there when im not gushing about them....I started this thread a long long time ago>>> regards to the FRANKIE bag, shown in the advertisements that our dear ole lil FREE WINONA ryder modeled in.

I think the other bags in the ads were a bit more popular...but the frankies are TDF. they can still be found on ebay.

there was a small pouchette version:

the medium (which i owned in balck a long long time ago )

and this new one I discovered, the LARGE size....which is also a messenger.

they came in black, khaki, a minty green tone, yellow, and coral from what I can track down..

I think the newer Kate bags from the paradise line are similar in their simplistic chic to this bag....I love how MJ reinvents his older designs season after season. Sometime in the future I plan on doing a very long drawn out post on the mean time, I'm collecting that will most definitely be a designer thesis!

enjoy this lil part of MJ history....
I have a lil green surprise to share in a lil bit...and so sorry mr. jacobs, but chloe bit me and I've been a bit of a cheater as of late need to do more GREEN BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! just sayin' ....
i still love you

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  1. I have a khaki "Frankie" bag. I wasn't able to locate any on ebay. Do you have the link the link to share? Thanks!