Friday, December 16, 2011

IRON MAN BAG: Spotted and for sale!

more closet cleaning!

this time, it's the bag from IRON MAN....a sweet resort 2005 satchel in soft calf with that delicious chocolate milk suede lining of years past. oh how i miss thee...

mention you're a reader of the blog and get $15 off!

and while im on linings....dear god, can someone PLEASE convince the MBMJ team the linings ever since the paisley and ribbon stripes from the original natasha and sasha bags, have just literally turned my stomach and have kept me from appreciating any and all MBMJ since... (with the exception of the fall 2011 chevron print...that's okay with me...) but those horrible scrambled letters? they give me a headache.. literally... it's an assault to the eyes after such a lovely design is brought forth. it has LITERALLY kept me from buying several styles i grew fond of...i just cannot take it...

in other news....i've been cheating...added a chloe and balenciaga to the mix. Im beyond mad my H&M didn't get any DRAGON TATTOO pieces in....and enjoying the hell out of this gals blog and pictures....MJ galore!

stay sane, be nice, keep the peace and remember some MJ this holiday season

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