Monday, January 30, 2012

key to my heart

it's the irony that  gets me everytime...
.i think i need this in my life...
words to live by

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fox Fur for spring?

okay, so sad to say it but im slightly late on this trapper hat trend that seems to be going on. I'm just going to blame it mainly on the fact I live in southern california and we're lucky if we get enough rain here, let alone have it get cold enough for snow. I have seen snow twice in my life. That's it. And none of it in the last 20 years of my being...

So while browsing ebay, like I do....much more often than I damn well should....I stumbed across this black fur trapper hat. I loved it, it sold.

But lucky me and all those non-paying impulsive bidders on got relisted. I made a shamefully low offer on it (now I say that after I found out the retail>>>$1200!) and just found out that it's now mine....

apparently, lil wayne wore one in a video..

.Lily Allen seems to have one ...

as well as the folks in the recent MARC JACOBS awkward christmas card 

As soon as it shows up, I'll do some modeling pictures to the best of my ability. In the meantime I'm gonna practice my styling and try to look as chic as these gals...and rapper. haha!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the return of silver spurs

dear god. while browsing bags this morning, i stumbled across some of the newer paradise bags....SILVER HARDWARE!!!while i LOVE Marc Jacobs, I have never really been a gold hardware type of girl. I suppose it's one of the reasons I adore the Sweet Punk bags....a reason I adore the older vintage bags...

Marc Jacobs bags started way out in the day...2002...with silver hardware bags...well nickle, but whatever. The original soft calf bags...venetia, satchel, stella, sophia, etc were dont in the silver toned nickle....He did do a line of buckle bags with the antique brass hardware that they later re-issued as a limited edition anniversary bag.. but those were the exception.

About 2005 he brought bag the antiqued brass hardware on the first season of the stam bags. from there it went from gorgeous and rustic, to a blingy gold hardware from 2006 onward. He did do a sunburst stam line and a 'downtown leather' line that varied with the nickle hardware and the downtown having the gun-metal...but the deveations from blingy gold were few and far between.

looks like it's back though...and if this is going to be a more longterm change, potentially reflecting the less ostentatious luxury market, I am one happy camper!! although I would still kill for this vintage bag....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the girl loves a good beat

hey peeps. so i just had to share this...he's an up and coming musician and has an EP ready to come to fruition.


i just wanted to share with my fellow readers and hope, if you like, that you'll share too.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I know your bag is fake

a lil late nite announcement....i've been authenticating MJ bags over on the Purse Forum for several years now....(more than 5? I'm trying to think...hrrmmm) Anyways, I was thinking about this the other day....and decided to throw it out there that I might just start doing authenticating outside the board. I suppose it would involve me setting up an email just for this, and of course more info if I decide to do it. Would any of you dear readers be interested in having this as a resource?? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

I just despise fakes, and lately have been hearing about CarolDiva getting her MJ's wrong, and seeing well known sellers such as Lindasstuff on ebay listing counterfeits by mistake...I've love to have a speciality in MARC JACOBS brand....and considering I have had my paws on literally at least a few bags from each season over my years of collecting, I think I could provide a very well researched eye...

please let me know what you think! <3

todays obsession

i fell in love with these when they hit the runway....i think i may have been the only one. every once in a while a picture of them pops up, and i dream of skipping around in a spring shower, with a 60's mod haircut....i wonder if they ever actually made any to purchase or if they were runway items only....still dreaming...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

seeing spots!

looks like Mj is at it with another beautiful collaboration for Louis Vuitton. I know it's not MJ brand, but i still find it intriguing....i feel like Marc is the Warhol of our time. This should be so promising, especially after showing such innovative dot use in the fall 2011 MARC JACOBS show and recent Louis Vuitton work...
 here's a fabulous article

the artists page is really interesting and has english translation.

i've been eagerly awaiting the next collab after Murakami, and i think this will be just as fun an lucrative. i hope they do a show in LA...i went to the last one, and it was nothing short of amazing! (except the getting lost part and walking 2 miles in 3" heels part)

i seriosuly hope they do another....this work is both enticing, fun and overwhelming....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

happy tuesday!

just thought i'd share a hefty price drop on the chloe i mentioned in my last post...
now only $395!!


Friday, January 6, 2012

we interupt your regularly scedualed MJ for this special report:

looks like the girl who loves MJ also has a love for some other designers....yep! that's right. i have more than one true love...but this loves been sitting un-used for too just letting my dear readers know, just in case they secretly love a lil Phoebe Philo too...I have a gorgeous and RARE chloe edith up for sale right now....

try your luck on ebay:

or get it cheaper on bonanza:

i promise it'll make you THIS happy!!