Friday, January 27, 2012

Fox Fur for spring?

okay, so sad to say it but im slightly late on this trapper hat trend that seems to be going on. I'm just going to blame it mainly on the fact I live in southern california and we're lucky if we get enough rain here, let alone have it get cold enough for snow. I have seen snow twice in my life. That's it. And none of it in the last 20 years of my being...

So while browsing ebay, like I do....much more often than I damn well should....I stumbed across this black fur trapper hat. I loved it, it sold.

But lucky me and all those non-paying impulsive bidders on got relisted. I made a shamefully low offer on it (now I say that after I found out the retail>>>$1200!) and just found out that it's now mine....

apparently, lil wayne wore one in a video..

.Lily Allen seems to have one ...

as well as the folks in the recent MARC JACOBS awkward christmas card 

As soon as it shows up, I'll do some modeling pictures to the best of my ability. In the meantime I'm gonna practice my styling and try to look as chic as these gals...and rapper. haha!

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