Monday, January 16, 2012

I know your bag is fake

a lil late nite announcement....i've been authenticating MJ bags over on the Purse Forum for several years now....(more than 5? I'm trying to think...hrrmmm) Anyways, I was thinking about this the other day....and decided to throw it out there that I might just start doing authenticating outside the board. I suppose it would involve me setting up an email just for this, and of course more info if I decide to do it. Would any of you dear readers be interested in having this as a resource?? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

I just despise fakes, and lately have been hearing about CarolDiva getting her MJ's wrong, and seeing well known sellers such as Lindasstuff on ebay listing counterfeits by mistake...I've love to have a speciality in MARC JACOBS brand....and considering I have had my paws on literally at least a few bags from each season over my years of collecting, I think I could provide a very well researched eye...

please let me know what you think! <3

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  1. Totally..I've used your help in many of my bags and would love to have a service which can be used to file complaints against the sellers who sell fakes.

    I know Caroldiva is good for LV but pretty sure her knowledge for MJs are limited. She once told me my SD cecilia was a fake stam. :)

    Let me know when you start the formal authentication.