Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the return of silver spurs

dear god. while browsing bags this morning, i stumbled across some of the newer paradise bags....SILVER HARDWARE!!!while i LOVE Marc Jacobs, I have never really been a gold hardware type of girl. I suppose it's one of the reasons I adore the Sweet Punk bags....a reason I adore the older vintage bags...

Marc Jacobs bags started way out in the day...2002...with silver hardware bags...well nickle, but whatever. The original soft calf bags...venetia, satchel, stella, sophia, etc were dont in the silver toned nickle....He did do a line of buckle bags with the antique brass hardware that they later re-issued as a limited edition anniversary bag.. but those were the exception.

About 2005 he brought bag the antiqued brass hardware on the first season of the stam bags. from there it went from gorgeous and rustic, to a blingy gold hardware from 2006 onward. He did do a sunburst stam line and a 'downtown leather' line that varied with the nickle hardware and the downtown having the gun-metal...but the deveations from blingy gold were few and far between.

looks like it's back though...and if this is going to be a more longterm change, potentially reflecting the less ostentatious luxury market, I am one happy camper!! although I would still kill for this vintage bag....

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