Wednesday, January 11, 2012

seeing spots!

looks like Mj is at it with another beautiful collaboration for Louis Vuitton. I know it's not MJ brand, but i still find it intriguing....i feel like Marc is the Warhol of our time. This should be so promising, especially after showing such innovative dot use in the fall 2011 MARC JACOBS show and recent Louis Vuitton work...
 here's a fabulous article

the artists page is really interesting and has english translation.

i've been eagerly awaiting the next collab after Murakami, and i think this will be just as fun an lucrative. i hope they do a show in LA...i went to the last one, and it was nothing short of amazing! (except the getting lost part and walking 2 miles in 3" heels part)

i seriosuly hope they do another....this work is both enticing, fun and overwhelming....

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