Thursday, November 14, 2013

it's been a long time...

...feels like such a long long time since the last time I posted...I am now a mom to the most beautiful lil girl in the world (as all mothers will tell you)...and she become the center of all things in my life.
I have MJ still in my closet....and I adored the Fall 2013 collection maybe as much as my own personal favorite fall 2005 marc jacobs collection....but I am a bit ashamed at my neglect of this blog, the lack of updates....even though I still follow MJ like no other brand....

It seems this year is a year of change, a year of transition.

Just recently, MARC JACOBS announced he is stepping down as the head of the house of LV. And I am so excited to see what becomes of him as a man, as a designer, and where he takes his label.

It's an interesting time in the world...where the focus is no longer on the dollar, but on the sincerity of the brand and the sincerity of the control of the creativity. As an artist, seeing MJ take this turn and baby his brand with 100% of his attention now makes me feel glad. It in a way is the same thing a parent does. Unstoppable, uninterupted love and support.

of course he has millions and billions to play with after babysitting the LV brand for as many years as he did, but I think the fashion world is better for it. And I can only hope that future designers merge with the art world the way MJ did with LV and it's guest artist collaborations.

As I type this today, I am reflective and pondering..through all I have shared on this blog, I also gave up with my new mommy role...All my MJ bags except my fall 2005 stam have been thrown into the world in new homes with new owners who I know are somewhere rocking the sh*t out of MARC JACOBS.  I have tried dearly to become more of a curator than collector...and it has brought a great deal of simplicity to my life.

And another reason I need to keep this blog up. It's my own mini museum of my loves that I can share with others who have the interest. So thank you if you are reading this, and thank you if you own one of the many bags that have traveled through this closet of mine. As we age and grow's always the stories we have that make life interesting. A wall of trophies will do me no good if I dont have like-minded lovers to share with...And as long as I have one bag to hold those memories in, I'll be a happy lil girl..

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