Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Girl is on FACEBOOK!

oh yeah! I've been on FB for quite some time....please add me, like me...tell me you want more...yay social media...


let me just put this here...courtesy of

leather lined, beautifully toned...hardware referencing some 2004-2005 hardware design...this is LUX! MARC JACOBS waxed medium BIG APPLE TOTE only a mere.... $2895

i feel like now that MJ is his own man, he's literally doing a retrospective using design elements from the last 14 years of his company....the hardware round lock is 2004 from the Kate bag (which I used to own )

these were some of the last of the good vintage bags...i'd rebuy this bag in a heartbeat...combination of smooth calf and suede, lined in lambsuede and comfortable and roomy..
im glad to see he's bringing back the LUX with his bags...while still retaining those lil details I love so much!